PCJ International test broadcast: May 18, 2014


Keith Perron notes that PCJ International will be doing their first test broadcast from the shortwave radio site they have built in Taiwan. Keith notes: “To cut down the bureaucratic process of registering the frequency with the NCC, RTI [Radio Taiwan International] will be letting us use one of their frequencies for the test.”

Here are the details:

  • Target: Southeast Asia
  • Time: 1300 – 1400UTC
  • Frequency: 11765khz
  • Power: 20kW

Detailed reception reports will be appreciated.


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One thought on “PCJ International test broadcast: May 18, 2014

  1. princehifi

    Whoa, PCJ has their own transmitter site in Taiwan? Complete with propagation prediction map? That would be cool to have a shortwave broadcast license to broadcast a show whenever you wanted.

    Something like CBC Canada’s 6160 khz CKZU Vancouver and CKZN St. John’s stations which are each 300 watts into a folded dipole plus rear reflector wire — “held up by four wooden utility poles”. Perhaps “the largest operational cost is the maintenance to keep those sticks from rotting away or falling over.”

    Not sure what kind of rig PCJ has in Taiwan. Great to see them making moves, though.


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