Grab a Radio Shack DX-402 for $24 and change

RadioShack-ShortwaveI just noticed that has the RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505 re-badge) for $27.09 shipped.  If you use the offer code WEEKEND10 it will take an additional 10% off at checkout for a total of $24.62 shipped.

This is an excellent price, even for an open box deal. Last time the price was $27, they sold out of stock rather quickly. Click here to grab one while it’s still available!


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3 thoughts on “Grab a Radio Shack DX-402 for $24 and change

  1. John

    As Steve says, sold out already on Blinq. They do have some Grundig G5’s at a good price. I picked up one of those instead.

  2. Guy Atkins

    I picked up one of these DX-402s from another Ebay vendor for the same $24 price. It performs great. Thanks for keeping us appraised of these occasional bargains!


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