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RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505) $31.95 shipped via eBay



eBay seller reforger is selling “open box/used”  RadioShack model 20-629 (DX-402) portable shortwave radios for $31.95 US including shipping.

The RS DX-402 is essentially a rebranded Sangean ATS-505.

I purchased a DX-402 earlier this year and find that its AGC circuit is one of the best found in sub $100 radios. As a bonus, the DX-402 has SSB mode; at $31.95, it must be the least expensive portable with SSB currently on the market.

At time of posting, this eBay seller claims to have 7 units left and 48 units sold. I don’t expect the remaining stock to last long. Again, these are used/open box units, but all are claimed to have been tested. The seller has a total of 162003 rated transactions with a 99.8% positive rating: if interested, I believe you can buy with confidence.

Click here to view the DX-402 on eBay.

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Mighty KBC

DX-402-KBC-2Sunday at 00:00-02:00 UTC, I tuned to 9,925 kHz to listen to The Mighty KBC.

KBC’s signal was clean and blowtorch strength into North America. Though I used my WinRadio Excalibur to record the broadcast, I stepped outside with my recently acquired RadioShack DX-402 (above) and heard KBC as if were a local station.

As we’ve come to expect, The Mighty KBC’s Giant Jukebox of music has a lot of rock-n-roll and Euro-pop variety, spanning the decades.

This broadcast begins with a tribute to Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 which had a large number of passengers from the Netherlands, where The Mighty KBC is produced.

Click here to download the recording as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below. Enjoy:

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Grab a Radio Shack DX-402 for $24 and change

RadioShack-ShortwaveI just noticed that Blinq.com has the RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505 re-badge) for $27.09 shipped.  If you use the offer code WEEKEND10 it will take an additional 10% off at checkout for a total of $24.62 shipped.

This is an excellent price, even for an open box deal. Last time the price was $27, they sold out of stock rather quickly. Click here to grab one while it’s still available!


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Amazon still has the RadioShack DX-402

RadioShack-ShortwaveYesterday, we learned about the excellent deal Paul found on the RadioShack DX-402 (a.k.a. Sangean ATS-505).

Within a few hours of posting the retailer sold out on Blinq.com and then a little later on eBay.

I checked Amazon this morning and found that there are still some units for sale at an excellent price:

Even the higher price is quite a bargain for a shortwave radio with SSB; $29.89 shipped is a steal.

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Great deal: $27 RadioShack shortwave portable with SSB


SWLing Post reader, Paul, spotted a deal on the RadioShack 20-629; the lowest price I’ve ever seen on a shortwave portable with single sideband (SSB).

Paul writes:

Great deal on a radio: Blinq has the RadioShack 20-629, an upgraded re-issue of the previously discontinued Sangean [ATS-505], for sale for only $27 with coupon code WELCOME10:


They also have the same radio in their eBay store but of course you can’t use their 10% off coupon there, although you may be able to use your eBay Bucks:

I just received mine and it appears brand new, never used.

Discussion on the radio:

Thanks for pointing out this deal and for sharing your experience, Paul! I just purchased one and can confirm that they’re still available. I can’t imagine that this stock will last long.

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