Amazon still has the RadioShack DX-402

RadioShack-ShortwaveYesterday, we learned about the excellent deal Paul found on the RadioShack DX-402 (a.k.a. Sangean ATS-505).

Within a few hours of posting the retailer sold out on and then a little later on eBay.

I checked Amazon this morning and found that there are still some units for sale at an excellent price:

Even the higher price is quite a bargain for a shortwave radio with SSB; $29.89 shipped is a steal.

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4 thoughts on “Amazon still has the RadioShack DX-402

  1. Tom Stiles

    Thanks for the heads-up, Thomas. I got one of the BlinQ’s for $29 and free shipping. Arrived in two days, new in the box and appears to work fine. I have review of it with a fellow YouTube’r on may channel, “hamrad88”.

    Another Tom

  2. Ken Carr

    Thanks for the hint, Thomas. I missed out on the Blinq deal yesterday. Every time I put in the order the shopping cart went empty. Finally it said “Sold Out”.
    Today I purchased the used one ($29.89) plus a 3-foot coax jumper ($11.95) from another vendor so I could make the $35 total for free shipping. I need lots of coax jumpers here in the shack.
    I suspect the used radio is from the same lot of ‘open box’ units that were at Blinq.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Ken, Yes, I’m willing to bet that the radio you purchased came from the same batch posted earlier.

      I’m looking forward to tinkering with the DX-402 and comparing it with the PL-600 and a few other similarly priced radios.



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