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RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505) $31.95 shipped via eBay



eBay seller reforger is selling “open box/used”  RadioShack model 20-629 (DX-402) portable shortwave radios for $31.95 US including shipping.

The RS DX-402 is essentially a rebranded Sangean ATS-505.

I purchased a DX-402 earlier this year and find that its AGC circuit is one of the best found in sub $100 radios. As a bonus, the DX-402 has SSB mode; at $31.95, it must be the least expensive portable with SSB currently on the market.

At time of posting, this eBay seller claims to have 7 units left and 48 units sold. I don’t expect the remaining stock to last long. Again, these are used/open box units, but all are claimed to have been tested. The seller has a total of 162003 rated transactions with a 99.8% positive rating: if interested, I believe you can buy with confidence.

Click here to view the DX-402 on eBay.

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Amazon still has the RadioShack DX-402

RadioShack-ShortwaveYesterday, we learned about the excellent deal Paul found on the RadioShack DX-402 (a.k.a. Sangean ATS-505).

Within a few hours of posting the retailer sold out on Blinq.com and then a little later on eBay.

I checked Amazon this morning and found that there are still some units for sale at an excellent price:

Even the higher price is quite a bargain for a shortwave radio with SSB; $29.89 shipped is a steal.

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Great deal: $27 RadioShack shortwave portable with SSB


SWLing Post reader, Paul, spotted a deal on the RadioShack 20-629; the lowest price I’ve ever seen on a shortwave portable with single sideband (SSB).

Paul writes:

Great deal on a radio: Blinq has the RadioShack 20-629, an upgraded re-issue of the previously discontinued Sangean [ATS-505], for sale for only $27 with coupon code WELCOME10:


They also have the same radio in their eBay store but of course you can’t use their 10% off coupon there, although you may be able to use your eBay Bucks:

I just received mine and it appears brand new, never used.

Discussion on the radio:

Thanks for pointing out this deal and for sharing your experience, Paul! I just purchased one and can confirm that they’re still available. I can’t imagine that this stock will last long.

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