RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505) $31.95 shipped via eBay



eBay seller reforger is selling “open box/used”  RadioShack model 20-629 (DX-402) portable shortwave radios for $31.95 US including shipping.

The RS DX-402 is essentially a rebranded Sangean ATS-505.

I purchased a DX-402 earlier this year and find that its AGC circuit is one of the best found in sub $100 radios. As a bonus, the DX-402 has SSB mode; at $31.95, it must be the least expensive portable with SSB currently on the market.

At time of posting, this eBay seller claims to have 7 units left and 48 units sold. I don’t expect the remaining stock to last long. Again, these are used/open box units, but all are claimed to have been tested. The seller has a total of 162003 rated transactions with a 99.8% positive rating: if interested, I believe you can buy with confidence.

Click here to view the DX-402 on eBay.

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2 thoughts on “RadioShack DX-402 (Sangean ATS-505) $31.95 shipped via eBay

  1. Dave Schmarder

    I just got my radio a couple hours ago. The box and radio look like new. I put the batteries in and it took right off. My impressions of the radio are very good. Thanks for the tweet on this. I got one of the last 5 available. 73, Dave N2DS

  2. Ray Lyell

    I purchased on of these from reforger on eBay. The shipping was lightning fast. Received it in 2 days because they ship 3 day priority mail. It came in the original box, with the manual. The box wasn’t in bad shape, it looked like it had been sitting around for a while. The radio itself looked just like new not a mark on it.

    I did get a defective radio. All the bands worked good except for the shortwave band. It would work for about 10 seconds and then the whole band would sound like a police car siren. You pushed the reset button and it would work for about 10 seconds and then do the same thing.

    I contacted reforger, and they sent me a return label so it didn’t cost anything to return it. I requested a replacement exchange radio and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Just hoping it works like it should. Reforger told me they would fully test it before they shipped it to me.

    The one thing I didn’t like, was they ship it in a priority envelope not a box. It really gets banged around that way I feel.

    The radio itself is very nice what I saw of it. this kind of deal is worth a try.


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