Grundig G5 via Blinq: Might want to pass…

G5While many SWLing Post readers have reported positively about their experience with the online discount retailer, several buyers have not been happy with the used/open box Grundig G5 units Blinq is selling for $45 US each.

Mike (K8RAT) noted that his G5’s “audio distorts when volume greater than 10 on the numerical read-out […] higher level sends the audio into oscillation.” Another buyer noted his G5 was nearly deaf on AM.

If you order a G5 from the Blinq, check out the radio thoroughly before tucking it away on a shelf somewhere. Or, better yet, just pass on this particular deal.

Fortunately, I’ve only received excellent reports of Blinq’s customer service. They’ve happily refunded consumers money for defective products in a timely fashion.

On a side note, I can only report negatively about the retailer  I’ve been trying for six weeks to receive a refund on a defective (non radio) item I purchased. I’ve still haven’t received a response from customer service. I’m sending my 6th request today;  I’ll never purchase from again.

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3 thoughts on “Grundig G5 via Blinq: Might want to pass…

  1. Jonathan

    The first G5 I purchased from (first shortwave radio, too!) was completely dead on AM on arrival. Shame, too, as it was in absolutely perfect condition (plastic cover over display was still there!) with all of the accessories included. Blinq customer service was excellent, sent me a return label, and refunded me immediately upon receipt of the return unit. I decided to give them another chance, as I wasn’t too happy with the other replacements I had tried (KA-1103, Tecsun PL-380). Glad I did. This unit, while having all of the accessories, was a little worse for the wear – there was even some dried-on food or something on the antenna when I took it out of the box! Popped in four fresh batteries, and it picked up AM beautifully. Audio is wonderful, too. Surprisingly warm, no distortion even at high volumes. Very happy with my purchase.

  2. Dave Richards AA7EE

    The only item I have ever bought from Blinq was a scanner, which arrived incomplete. To Blinq’s credit, they issued me a packing label so that I could return it for a refund. It’s that kind of service that will give me enough confidence to order from them again should the occasion arise,


  3. Steve

    I ordered one when I first read your post and it first I thought I had a problem in till I realized I had some really old batteries. I ordered some rechargeable batteries from Amazon and now I couldn’t be happier with the radio. The one I received looked brand new but only shipped with the slipcase, AC power adaptor and manual. A person on a forum I frequent ordered one and received everything I did but also received a long wire antenna and ear buds. I have no idea what kind of quality check these radio’s went through before selling but if I were guessing I would think there may be a little luck of the draw at play here.

    Off topic but for those waiting for the Eton Satellit, I received an email from Eton last Friday indicating a late September availability. I’m curious how the volume will work on the new Satellit, the available Satellit pictures on the web show the volume keys were replace by wide/narrow keys as compared to the G3.


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