Radio is dead? Not according to Mullins

Garth Mullins

Garth Mullins

Garth Mullins is an SWL and a radio geek:  yes, he’s one of us.

What’s more, Mullins believes that radio is now experiencing a renaissance.  Listen to his brilliant documentary, End of the Dial, which was recently re-broadcast on the CBC program Ideas with Paul Kennedy. Best 54 minutes you’ve ever spent.

Be sure to check out Garth’s website:

2 thoughts on “Radio is dead? Not according to Mullins

  1. David Korchin

    I got my start in a small FM station in Saskatoon—CFMC, doing overnights, then drive, then mornings. Kind of a loose format, and with such a small staff that we were all doing each others’ jobs. When the news guy went on vacation, I got to rip-and-read. Later I moved to another market, with a bigger transmitter and more audience, a tighter format and rules about what you could say and play—but the lone magic of talking into the mic and being in the ears of a complete stranger never left. It’s why I’m a Ham, I suppose. It’s already depressing that the biggies like Netherlands and Canada and others have tuned out. I hate to ponder the End of Radio—it’s like losing an untouchable, rare dimension to our human experience.

  2. Colin

    “like losing an untouchable, rare dimension to our human experience.”

    Says it all – wish I could add to that. I cannot.

    Thank you –

    Radio enthusiast: 1971 — Present. Ham Radio, SWL, DXer,


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