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London Shortwave writes:

I’ve just discovered that there is an Amateur Radio equivalent of the StackOverflow website (a Q&A website for programmers where answers are upvoted/downvoted according to a number of strict guidelines, ensuring answer relevance and quality).

After a quick scan it seems that it contains many useful answers that are also relevant to SWLs, for example:

Very cool! With over 630 questions ham radio questions so far, there are many answers that can help SWLs. Thanks for sharing this, LS!

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1 thought on “Stack Exchange radio Q&A site

  1. joel rochow

    BBC-WS is frequently available here in the eastern US on 12095 kHz afternoons. For Vietnamese speakers, BBC (?) carries a strong relay of vtvn from anoi on 11840 at 2000 GMT.

    BBC-WS ought to be able to pony up enough money to keep one SW outlet for North America. As regards Wi-Fi, the Washington, DC, area has a surprising number of dead zones due to topography.


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