Treasure trove of radio nostalgia

AmericanRadioHistoryMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Jarno, who shares a link to where you’ll find hundreds of issues of popular radio magazines from the 20th century. All of the issues are downloadable PDFs, thus can be viewed on any computer, smart phone, or tablet PC.

I find it amazing that many, if not all, of the magazines are even searchable. I could (and probably will) spend hours looking through and downloading these issues; I’ve been reading through the 1930s-era Short Wave Radio magazine this morning, and enjoying it thoroughly.

Many thanks for the tip, Jarno!

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3 thoughts on “Treasure trove of radio nostalgia

  1. Guy Atkins

    For those who love the lavishly illustrated magazine covers from radio’s golden era, the web site is a virtual art museum. Here’s a link to the Science and Technology section which includes covers from many vintage radio and television magazine titles, such as Shortwave Craft and many others:


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