Orchestral music on shortwave?

Photo: Thomas Fries / License: cc-by-sa-3.0 de

Photo: Thomas Fries / License: cc-by-sa-3.0 de

SWLing Post reader, Eric (w4OTN/3), asks:

Years ago I loved tuning in Radio Bulgaria and listening to their orchestra play. The ether would deliver the beautiful music to my ears with some fading at times but I loved listening to it. That is, of course, until they stopped broadcasting. I’ve tried to find an alternative without success.

I wonder if you know of any shortwave station that still broadcast orchestras?

Eric W4OTN/3

Any suggestions for Eric?  Please comment with details!

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4 thoughts on “Orchestral music on shortwave?

  1. Richard Langley

    The BBC World Service broadcasts classical/orchestral music from time to time but a lot less frequently than in the “good old days.” However, starting today, 30 July 2016, and for the next seven weeks, they are broadcasting parts of The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts or, more colloquially, the Proms. The broadcasts are at 18:06 UTC on Saturdays with a repeat at 11:06 UTC on Sundays. Details here:
    Shortwave frequencies for different regions here:
    But the WS can also be heard on other platforms, including Sirius/XM satellite radio in North America.

  2. Glenn Hauser

    Can`t say it`s the station`s own orchestra, but Radio Romania International plays a lot of music, including classical orchestral, especially Saturday evenings (UT Sundays) on the Romanian language service between 02 and 03 on 7340.

    There is certainly a lot more if you tune around. Alan Roe has compiled extensive schedules of music programmes on SW.

  3. Ed McCorry

    The new shortwave station Global24 Radio, http://www.global24radio.com, has a program called “Classics and Beyond” where they play early classical through the newer pieces. They are located on 9395 kHz and you can find the daily schedule by going to their website and clicking on “About Us” and then “Our Programs” and then “Music”.

  4. John Figliozzi

    Austria still has a shortwave broadcast in German each morning from 0600-0715 on 6155 kHz. It is a relay of Osterreich 1’s domestic morning program which includes news in German and some classical music.


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