Chris’ Retro Review of the Radio Shack DX-397 (Sangean SG-622)

SangeanSG-622SWLing Post reader, Chris Freitas, has sent me a link to a recent review he made of the RadioShack DX-397.

I know many of us have had one of these little analog radios (branded as RadioShack or the original Sangean SG-622) at some point.

Chris has fond memories of the DX-397. Click here to read his review.


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3 thoughts on “Chris’ Retro Review of the Radio Shack DX-397 (Sangean SG-622)

  1. bart

    very good reception. sangeans are known for that. consumes battery much less than digital radios. analog tuning knob scans the freqs much faster than digital. sort of flimsy construction but ok. true pocket size radio, not a tabletop, good for travel. takes 3xAA batteries but can use paperclip for spacer and run it off of 2xAA. silver lettering reads well in low light.

  2. Bill

    I had one of these once. It’s a fairly decent radio of its type.

    As Mr. Freitas says, some of the Tecsun digital portables (for example) give much better performance these days for little more money. But the SG-622 and other small analog receivers are about the simplest sets to operate that there are.

    I have a friend who can’t see. I tried to set him up with a nice digital set. In the end he chose one of these. There are only the most basic controls, all of them are obvious, and it’s easy for him to operate by touch. I can’t argue with that.


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