7 thoughts on “Complete list of RadioShack store closures

    1. Thomas Post author

      Funny! In our local RadioShacks, other than electrical components, they have very little in the way of shortwave and no ham radio stuff. I did notice one of our local stores has been doing a close-out. I looked through the window last night after they had closed. Seems like most of what’s left is cell phone accessories. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow.

  1. Joseph Rubin

    I remember the original RADIO SHACK store in Boston, MA. This was before the Tandy Corporation days. They stocked piles of amateur radio parts in BARRELS. No kidding. I was a kid then and wish I had the sense to take pictures of it. Would have made a nice historical article in QST.

  2. Michael Berliner

    I’ll miss them.

    Why doesn’t a large chain list their properties alphabetically or some other order.

  3. TP Reitzel

    Apparently, there won’t be any closures in my area. We’ll see how this situation develops during restructuring.


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