Digitech Audio AR-1945 manual anyone?

The Digitech AR1945 portable radioSWLing Post reader, Ralph, writes:

I bought the Digitech Audio AR-1945 today at a Jaycar outlet and when I got out, it has no manual. As most functions are new to me, can you help with a manual?

Regards, Ralph

Can anyone help Ralph? I don’t have an AR-1945 and couldn’t find a manual online.

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8 thoughts on “Digitech Audio AR-1945 manual anyone?

  1. Al Moument

    Hi. For any newbies who want to start enjoying their new investment without having to spend days working out how to use it, I found a PDF of the manual here on Jarcar’s web site: https://www.jaycar.com.au/world-band-am-fm-sw-lw-air-pll-synthesised-receiver-with-ssb/p/AR1945

    Just like buying an unfamiliar car, it helps to have a manual to enlighten and empower you to master all the functions; especially those that are not so obvious. Enjoy.

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    1. James Patterson

      There should be no nead for an operator’s manual for the 1945.It’s the most basic radio anyone can buy!With the least intelligence,anyone can operate it at ease!!The “Fine tuning steps” take a little getting to know,but they are only of use if you are going to DX SSB.Otherwise it’s a fine SW radio on the cheaper side of good SW/General Coverage portable receivers.Use it as a Long Distance receiver and you wont go wrong.Work the Antenna local and DX switches properly get to know your radio and have fun!!

  2. Wayne

    In April of this year 2015, I went ahead and bought the Digitech AR 1945 with SSB, at Jaycar, They let me try it just outside the shop.
    I picked up a Ham operator on SW, then I switched to SSB and the volume dropped to almost nothing, so I had to turn the volume and RF-gain to Max. I could’nt tune the Ham in properly, they may have dropped out, anyway I switched back to AM mode and the radio nearly blew me away with the volume on Max.
    I am sick and tired of Jaycar not returning all these radios and either get updated version of this radio or do something, I dont think they care a less !!!!

    I want a SW radio with SSB, but I want to do MW dxing with it with external MW loop or long wire, it has the connections on the back of radio but the SSB is rubbish.
    Maybe I will get a Sony 7600Gr or a Tecsun pl-880 which you can force a MW antenna to it.

    1. James Patterson

      In answer to Wayne,yes the AR 1945 can be really useless on SSB, unless you are very paitent,and understand how it exactly works.Its acturly a very fine radio,and yet there are so many disapointed owners of it mainly because I think they expect the best at a cheap price,or they simply dont understand it.Firstly you need to change the antenna socket at the back,by enlargeing the fitting whole,and soldering a Ham Radio type coaxal socket,so that you can connect your long antenna to it with a propper coaxal plug fitting.The socket at the back is not an HF type socket,it’s more the type for Satilite TV. Then when you do get SSB signals,you will get far better signal strength,then you can turn the rf gain down,and volume up.Yes you do loose volume when changeing over to SSB.So just remember to turn it back down when going out of SSB,so thats not a problem.Use the “very fine” tuneing steps to centerize or “Top dead center” your SSB speech clarity.You can get very good SSB clarity if you work it properly.It acturly took me a long time and a few different ways to tune it befor I mastered the AR 1945.It scans the UHF air band,and pulls in the air band very well for me as well.But as far as centerizeing SSB goes,once you have it dead center,it wont drift,and you should be able to go through the HF bands without haveing to re-set the fine tuning.There’s an art to it,and once you have it,you will see its acturly a fine radio.It’s certainly not the best quality on the market,and Jay car are well known for NOT stocking quality radio equipment,but for a cheap radio that does have all the bells and whistles at a good price,it can turn out to be a great radio.I found FM,AM and UHF to be very good,pulling in distant stations no probs at all.If the “Beep” sound is anoying,just turn off the radio,press the alarm button,and turn the radio on at the same time,and the beep will go away.You dont need a manual for this radio,its the most basic radio on the market,but you may be able to down load one off google. Hope this is of some help.I keep mine in my Camper and take it away into the hills and I find it pulls in everything.It even has the choice of AA or size D batteries,a very clever design,you can play your MP3 player through it,and it has wonderful Bass and Treble.So it does have alot of great features for the very cheap price.SSB is really just an Add-On with this radio,but as I said,you will master it,and once you have it right,its a fine radio.

  3. James Patterson

    Please reply to my email address with any comments or pros and cons with the AR 1945 portable radio.There has been very little mentioned on reviews so far.As far as I know this radio is only available through Jay Car outlets.I wish they acturaly sold Sangean and Tecsun radios instead of just cheap quality types.There is no other out let here in NZ that sells any good quality portable gen coverage receivers.

  4. James Patterson

    Hi Ralf.I bought one of these a year ago when they were first in our Jay car out let here in Auckland NZ.I took it back because I found that any out side electrical interference interfered with the SSB receiption.Im a dedicated SSB DXer,not a SW listener.However later on I decided to buy another 1945 model.I decided there must be some way arround this,as the radio its self seemed fairly okay,I liked the lay out of it.The air band works very well and it is very sensetive on all bands in cludeing AM and FM.I finaly fitted a large coaxal female antenna socket onto the back cover to connect my big Ham antenna to it rather than via the very small and different antenna input socket that it has on the rear.The socket is the Free veiw TV type cable socket.I then found that even though with any electrical interferance,it performed alot better,or though if you bought this radio for SSB listening you will find it is still very hard to acturly tune in the LSB or USB because the BFO section is of very poor quality and Jay Car Auckland are aware of this,makeing it a not so good selling point.But with very carefull know-how you can get good SSB tuneing,useing the steps provided.As far as the Manual goes,go back to JayCar and ask them for one.Your radio may have been returned by a buyer and forgot to slip the manual bk in.Otherwise I found the 1945 to be very easy to operate,being useto other radios with very simular button lay out.Once you have used radios of this type they all become like second nature to use.Hope this helps.Jay Car can always photo copy another one for you,as these radios are still in stock currently.


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