Richard’s QSL from Radio Demerara (Voice of Guyana)

SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, writes:

Your recent post sent me to my archives and I’ve found my QSL from Radio Demerara, the predecessor of the Voice of Guyana. Copies of the front and back of the QSL letter I received are attached.

radio_demerara_qsl_side1 (1)


The QSL was for reception on 13 December 1966 at 01:00 UTC at my home in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. This was in the same year that Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom.


In addition to a commercial for Ovaltine, I heard a program of announcements including births, birthdays, deaths, and personal messages. I used a two-tube Knight-Kit Span Master regenerative receiver, which I built a couple of years earlier when I was in Grade 10, along with a 43-foot inverted-L antenna attached to the top of my mother’s clothesline.

Along with a friend, I had established the Intercontinental DX Club, which we ran for a few years until it came time to go to university. But that’s another story.”

The Intercontinental DX Club?  What a great name! You’ll have to share that story sometime, Richard!

Many thanks for scanning this QSL from Radio Demerara. I love the fact that they noted “Temporary QSL” at the top of the letter and apologized for the delay in response. What a great piece of radio history and so relevant as we hear the Voice of Guyana return to the shortwaves.

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1 thought on “Richard’s QSL from Radio Demerara (Voice of Guyana)

  1. Merhai

    dear people,

    I am looking for recordings from a band from Nickerie, Surinam, who played at radio demerara in the 1960-ties. The name of the band was Rag Rani, they played modern Indian music.
    Can you help me?
    many thanks


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