Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Bahrain


Yesterday, my buddy Dan Robinson posted a tip on the Extreme Shortwave Listening Facebook page that Radio Bahrain was audible in the Eastern USA (note his video below). I quickly tuned to 9745 kHz and, sure enough–though weak–the Radio Bahrain signal could be heard over the noise floor. Radio Bahrain is not the easiest catch in my part of the world–especially with propagation conditions being less than favorable as of late–so I made a recording.

This recording was made on 9745 kHz starting at 23:15 UTC on March 15, 2015. I used my WinRadio Excalibur which was already on and connected to my horizontal delta loop antenna. Click here to download as an MP3, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

Many thanks to Dan Robinson who shares this video of Radio Bahrain reception via his JRC NRD 301A and Watkins Johnson 8718A/MFP with Wellbrook 1530 Imperium:

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One thought on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio Bahrain

  1. George - NJ3H

    Best I have heard them since my first logging of them last summer. Sounded good in the 2300z hour on 16 March 2015. After 5 years (1980-85) of living in Saudi Arabia, always nice to hear some Middle East music. I recall the flight I was on one time from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia to Bahrain was from wheels up to wheels down 4 minutes 56 seconds. That must have been one of the world’s shortest international flights. I had a Kenwood R-1000 while living in Saudi. Wish I had taken the time to do some SWL-ing when there. Used it to listen to BBC and VOA on MW for news while going to sleep.

    Thanks for the post about Bahrain. I don’t always think to check things out as often as I should.


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