Zenith R520A/URR Transoceanic Radio on eBay


Since I’m a complete sucker for Signal Corps radios, my buddy David Korchin (K2WNW), thought it would be a great idea to tempt me with this recent listing on eBay: a rare Zenith R520A/URR.

Let’s be fair. It’s gorgeous. 

And I would like to know the full story behind this radio.

Fortunately, the reserve is $1200 US–high enough that I know I need not bid.

For Zenith folks, though, this would make a handsome addition to their collection.

Click here to view on eBay. I’ve also pasted the full description below.

Very curious if this radio will make its reserve price.

Description of Zenith R520A/URR:

“Up for auction is a rare Zenith Transoceanic R520A/URR. It comes with the Zenith headphones that plug into the rear of the chassis.

It was restored electronically replacing capacitors, resistors, and tubes that needed to be replaced. All tubes are NOS.

It comes with the Zenith headphones that plug into the rear of the chassis. It also comes with a modern battery holder that has been placed into the green battery box that I painted up to look a little more authentic.

It plays wonderfully on all bands with amazing sensitivity on the shortwave bands. Broadcast band can receive stations as far as 750 miles away. Antenna is straight and extends fully. The wave magnet antenna has the metal post that allows it to be placing into the handle so you can rotate it for best reception.

The chassis is extra clean and has all the tube shields.

This has the original cord with a NOS plug with new fuses incorporated.

Both fuse boxes on the back door have been filed with NOS fuses.

Has the manual that came with it and many specs that I printed out for this radio.

The exterior is very clean and the brass was polished and then sprayed with gloss clear coat so it cannot tarnish in the future. Knob inserts are new solid brass that were polished and sprayed as well. The I.D. Tag is an exact reproduction of an original tag.

All the feet are original and in excellent shape.

The cabinet has all the original military markings and are in excellent condition.

Runs wonderfully on AC or DC. I have always run it on batteries.

I have shipped quite a few of these transoceanics and the average cost for the lower 48 states is around 49.00 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

My reserve is set at 1200.00. If it doesn’t reach this amount, I will keep the radio in my collection.”

Click here to view this item, along with several detailed photos, on eBay.

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2 thoughts on “Zenith R520A/URR Transoceanic Radio on eBay

  1. Keith Perron

    This is the problem with places like Ebay. Very often second hand electronics like this are over priced. 1200USD. Now even in good condition this radio should go no more than 200 or 300USD.

    The only receivers that still have market value are BRAUN. Ones that were design by Dieter Rams and fetch over 1000USD and in some cases depending on the model 3000USD or more. The reason for this is many of Rams’s designs have ended up in museums such as the Bibliotheque Design and other famous museums.


    1. Thomas Post author

      I agree that eBay prices are sometime outrageous and that Brauns can command quite the price. This particular Zenith, however, is quite rare. In that condition, I think it’s easily worth $1000 US, but will probably fetch much more than that.

      If you want to see high prices, check out the Collins stuff! Beautiful gear.


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