LeBlanc to crack down on pirates


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Bill Patalon, who writes:

FCC’s LeBlanc wants to really crack down on Pirates …. And the “C” goes after the SW buccaneers as well as those on the commercial BCBs …


While the FCC is busy sabre-rattling, they should also think about ways to diversify the broadcast airwaves legally. There is a significant entry barrier for any would-be broadcaster on the FM and AM bands.

In fact, a quick glance at the procedures to apply for a new AM or FM station licence on the FCC website is discouraging: as of today, they are not accepting applications for new stations. And the FCC wonders why there are so many pirates?

Thanks again for the link, Bill.

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2 thoughts on “LeBlanc to crack down on pirates

  1. MacFrankenstein

    I second this. I’ve only been quasi-actively listening since November, and in listening locally with my own equipment and using some public webSDRs, I feel like I’ve too-often heard the same couple of stations broadcast the same sort of stuff–usually of the doom and gloom variety!

    I’m gonna try a crude broomstick antenna this weekend to try to catch a pirate. From the recordings I’ve heard on this site, that sounds like where the really interesting stuff lies…

  2. Shortwave Listener 22007

    While it is very important to keep the spectrum regulated, shortwave badly needs new stations. If the FCC hopes to crack down on illegal “pirate stations”, they should also make it easier for those who hope to broadcast legally.


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