Norway: first country to shut down FM analog radio

The City Hall (Radhus) in Oslo, Norway.  (Source: Public Domain)

The City Hall (Radhus) in Oslo, Norway. (Source: Public Domain)



Within two years from now, the shutdown of national FM-networks begins in Norway. The switchover will begin in the North and will be implemented region by region.

Thursday, the Ministry of Culture announced a national FM-switch off, to complete the transition to digital radio. Norway is making an historical move into a new radio era, being the first country in the world to decide upon an analogue switch-off for all major radio channels. With DAB and digital radio, listeners will be provided with more radio channels and greater diversity in content.

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9 thoughts on “Norway: first country to shut down FM analog radio

  1. Tomas

    Today the Swedish government reported that the plans to shut down FM radio and go over to DAB+ has been scrapped! Hurray!

  2. Hun Király

    This is a sad day for everyone who loves radio. DAB and all the digital transmissions bring the end of the radio in classical meaning. FM (and internet – what is also digital) already killed much of the classical radio, so what will cause DAB and any kind of digital transmission? Well-well, it’s a said day, indeed. And a sad future without radio, classical radio.

  3. Tomas

    A widely criticized decision that will jeopardize emergency preparedness and traffic security for decades to come, in addition to costing the consumers huge amounts of money.

    A typical prestige decision takeen by peopole who will earn lots of money from it or from just not knowing better (“it’s digital so it must be better than analog”).

  4. Roy Sandgren

    FM stations broadcasting in DAB+ in simulcast have to switch off FM transmitter. Radiostations that want to remain in FM can remain. New FM local and community radio planned.


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