Ampegon introduces new folded SW and MW antenna system for broadcasters

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Ampegon Introduces New Folded Monopole Mediumwave Antenna System

IBC 2015, September 10, Amsterdam. Ampegon, leading supplier of full range mediumwave equipment up to 1200 kW is introducing a folded monopole 50 kW antenna system with new design concept and optimized antenna structure that brings many benefits to broadcasters.

The folded monopole antenna is fully grounded with no need of a base insulator for the placement of the antenna. This is an advantage for the antenna setup; maintenance of components and auxiliary systems installed on the antenna structure is simplified. For example, no isolated energy transformer is required to power the air obstruction light; the light on the antenna structure is supplied directly.

Constructed as a single unit, the folded monopole antenna consists of the mast and the radiating element. The guy ropes supporting the mast are each divided by a single insulator. The upper section forms the “antenna cage”, which is connected to the mast on one side, and by ropes to the insulated feed point at the base of the antenna. As a result, there are no floating potentials in the ropes or in the steel structure, which might cause electrostatic discharges or flashovers. A minimum number of insulators are installed and consequently the maintenance requirements are simplified and minimized. The newest type of insulator used in Ampegon systems features silicon protection and demonstrates an outstanding ruggedness towards environmental influences, such as air pollution.

Ampegon Introduces New Folded Dipole Shortwave Antenna System

IBC 2015, September 11, Amsterdam. Ampegon, leading supplier of shortwave equipment up to 500 kW is setting new standards in antenna construction. A new antenna design concept and an optimized antenna structure is used for the introduction of the single band folded dipole antenna system, available in the RF power range up to 50 kW and developed for economic and efficient domestic shortwave transmission. The 50 kW system is designed with proven and reliable Ampegon components and optimized to low power specifications, which results in significant simplification without any loss of performance.

The antenna system has outstanding key performance indicators like VSWR ? 1.5 in the operational frequency band (Z0 = 300 W) and a gain of 8 dBi.

The highly cost efficient design has tubular structures for suspension of the dipole, no on-site welding is necessary. It is designed for a wind speed of 160 km/h (survival) according to American Standard EIA-222-F with glass fiber reinforced guy ropes for minimal interference with antenna radiation.

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