Buying a shortwave radio in India?


SWLing Post reader, Muthu Kumar recently asked if I knew of a good source of shortwave radios–specifically, the Tecsun brand–in India.

I’m asked this very question at least a few times each year and have always replied that eBay may be the best option.

I’m curious if any of our readers living in India have good suggestions of shortwave retailers either within the country or who ship to India without many hassles. Please comment.

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22 thoughts on “Buying a shortwave radio in India?

  1. Harshit Joshi

    Try ! They got great amount of deals on Tecsun Radios. Just be aware of seller ratings and feedbacks before making your purchase. It should be above 96% and ratings should be high above 4 out of 5.

  2. tanu

    just received my PL-880 from for Rs9800. no duty. delivered to my home by the postman.
    awesome receiver.

  3. Suresh

    Avion DRM from Rs.15000 is too much. Searched entire internet for a good DRM Radio, but not found.
    I have ordered Tecsun PL-380 from for $45.

    Waiting for the delivery, from Salem

    1. srinivas prasad

      hello upendra, I am from India too, and want to start this hobby of listening to shortwave radio and planing to buy wrx911 for beginning.. can u provide wrx911 information about its reception quality and other aspects please,thank you.

      1. Raju

        i am trying to build Shortwave Radio with THe help of some highly professional experts
        if u want to build cantact me raju.ab9@ g m a i l .c o m

  4. Keith Perron

    Anon Co. based in Hong Kong will ship to India. But they have had a problem with radios being stolen, so they charge more for shipping. But it still happens.

    The best thing for Indian consumers is to buy from Singapore. The one I would suggest is Mustafa Plaza located in Little India. This store is popular with shoppers not just in Singapore, but also with those from let say India as an example who use Singapore as a transit port.

    It’s open 24/7. You can go there at 3 in the morning and its packed. If you want you can also buy from their website, but not everything is listed so you have to send them an email to ask if they have something in stock.


  5. Vimal Oberoi

    Dear friend, can you pass on the repair technique of 1103 decoder which went kaput and you have successfully repaired with advice from Anon co.
    My PL 390 ‘s both decoders need your advice:)

    1. Nitesh S

      @Vimal Oberai.
      My degen 1103 tuning encoder failed within 6 months of buying it. Kept using it with manual frequency entry method. Few months back, I opened it and cleaned the encoder, it started working again , but began to fail in few few weeks of use. I sourced the new tuning encoder from Internet and simply replaced it, and since then it’s working perfectly. If you are sure that the tuning encoder is at fault, try to source the respective part from the net. I guess the encoder of pl-390 is same as some other models like pl-310.

      Hope this helps.

      @Jawahar, I tried to find tecsun pl-660 on but couldn’t find any. Can you provide the link for it in

  6. Israel Jesudian

    As Mr.Vimal oberoi suggested, Mr. Muthukumar,please wait for sometime when the Avion electronics rolls out their DRM receivers in the market as our All India Radio too expands their transmission hours year after year. The recently held DRM conference praised the performance of Avion 1401 receiver. If you are so hurry be tried, the price will be huge. I am using Grundig s450dlx and kaito KA1121. I am from Tamilnadu,Pollachi/

  7. Jawahar

    I got my Tecsun pl660 from Amazon without any duty and it’s pulling a lot of exotic radio stations from far away countries.Now a days it is easier to buy the branded radio receivers in India from foreign countries,Thanks to Amazon,eBay and flipkart !!

  8. Nitesh S

    I recently bought one from from a hong kong based seller. It reached me in 10-12 days without incurring any custom duities. In the past too, I had bought one degen de1103 from eBay. But it’s a gamble buying this way in India, because if one gets a defective unit, it will be a big hassle to send it back or get it repaired. My degen became faulty (the famous tuning encoder going kaput). Repaired with with help from Anon-co after 10yrs of not using it.

    Other ways of buying shortwave radios is local online stores like Flipkart and where some Sony, Panasonic, Philips analog sw radios are available.

    Some shops in small towns do keep very cheap kchibo radios for sale in less than 10 dollars, but their quality is limited to major broadcast station listening only.

  9. Prakash(KC1DDJ) seems to be one source that we can buy. But they seem not to have the latest featured radio (sync detection,PLL,SSB) that we can buy here in USA(or europe) and its pricey atleast Rs. 1000 to Rs.3000 more($25 USD). I bought the radio for my dad here in US(may be in europe) and sent it along with someone who goes to India for vacation.

  10. Vimal Oberoi

    At this juncture I feel best option is to invest in DRM Radio from Avion;
    The same is listed on and would be available soon at a price of ?15,000/-
    This is DRM ready,and tunes conventional AM/FM/SW/Weather band too with a colour display too.


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