Excellent current conditions, evidenced by today’s 31 meter logs


This morning, before heading out the door, I tuned around the 31 meter broadcast band. I’ve actually been recording 640 kHz of the 31 meter band for almost 24 hours, trying to capitalize on the fact that propagation conditions have been the best I’ve seen in several months. At some point in the future, I’ll load this recording, tune through it and remind myself what’s possible when propagation is favorable! Check out the waterfall screenshot above.

Asian stations had a strong showing on the band in eastern North America this morning.

Here are the stations I logged starting around 12:30 UTC today:

  • 9395 WRMI English
  • 9410 China National Radio 5 Chinese
  • 9420 China National Radio 13 Uyghur
  • 9430 FEBC Radio Chinese
  • 9440 China Radio International Cambodian
  • 9460 China Radio International English
  • 9470 UNID (weak)
  • 9490 Voice of America Korean
  • 9500 China National Radio 1 Chinese
  • 9515 China National Radio 2 Chinese
  • 9540 China Radio International Chinese
  • 9550 Radio Havana Cuba Spanish
  • 9570 China Radio International Cantonese
  • 9575 All India Radio Tibetan
  • 9580 Radio Australia English
  • 9600 China Radio International English
  • 9620 All India Radio Sindhi
  • 9635 Voice of Vietnam 1 Vietnamese
  • 9640 Radio Havana Cuba Spanish
  • 9645 China Radio International English
  • 9650 Radio Sonder Grense Afrikaans (with QRM)
  • 9660 Radio Taiwan International Chinese
  • 9665 KCBS Pyongyang Korean (weak)
  • 9680 Radio Taiwan International Chinese
  • 9700 Radio New Zealand International English
  • 9710 China National Radio 1 Chinese
  • 9720 Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) Indonesian
  • 9730 China Radio International English
  • 9735 Radio Taiwan International Indonesian
  • 9740 BBC English
  • 9750 NHK World Radio Japan (?) Japanese
  • 9760 China Radio International English
  • 9785 China Radio International Laotian (?)
  • 9805 Radio Marti Spanish (w/accompanying Cuban jammer)
  • 9820 Radio Habana Cuba Spanish
  • 9830 China National Radio 1 Chinese (with RTTY QRM)
  • 9835 RTM Sarawak FM Malaysian (very weak)
  • 9840 Voice of Vietnam English
  • 9845 China National Radio 1 Chinese (weak)
  • 9855 China Radio International Chinese
  • 9870 AIR New Delhi Hindi
  • 9880 KSDA-AWR Guam Korean
  • 9920 FEBC Radio Hre
  • 9955 WRMI English
  • 9980 WWCR English
  • 10000  WWV Ft. Collins

That’s 46 signals in a space of 640 kHz–not bad!

I dare say: these excellent band conditions will not last forever.

Make time to play radio today!

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3 thoughts on “Excellent current conditions, evidenced by today’s 31 meter logs

  1. colin newell

    Seeing posts like this give me hope that there is life in SW — I mean, we know that there is – it is just that band conditions have sucked for so long, I have forgotten what the good stuff sounds like.

    Embarrassed to day that I have an ELAD and I have yet to record any spectrum during the day…
    Gotta do this… GOTTA! 🙂

    73 DXers!

  2. DL4NO

    Conditions were excellent here in Europe this morning (6 h UTC): While driving my car at 100 km/h I worked VK2 (Sidney) receiving 57 and giving 59. 100 W into an 1.7 m long antenna on a magmount which translates to perhaps 10 W of radiated energy. My partner had an omnidirectional antenna. His biggest problen was the QRN from the thunderstorms in his area. He talked about 100 l/m2 of rain – that’s about four inches high!

    The power comes from the regular 12V outlet in the trunk. I buffer the transceiver with an 1 F capacitor. The pictures at http://www.dl4no.de/thema/mobil-st.htm should show you enough even if you cannot understand German.


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