Last minute changes to special PCJ broadcast to Europe

pcj(Source: Keith Perron via Richard Langley)

At the last minute we had to make a frequency change for our special broadcasts to Europe.

The time will remain the same: 0900 to 1000UTC

But we will not be using 17825 khz.

The new frequency is 11580 khz.

Nothing else has changed.

As a reminder, here’s the weekly schedule:

Time: 0900 to 1000 UTC

November 14th – Say It With Music
November 21st – Call it Ukraine
November 28th – Rockin’ with Raoul
December 5th – Classics with David Monson
December 12th – Special Jazz For The Asking
December 19th – European radio during WW2 (documentary)
December 26th – Special listeners programs

Richard points out that PCJ has switched their transmitter site from Trinco to WRMI; because of this, listeners in North America might also be able to hear the programs.

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2 thoughts on “Last minute changes to special PCJ broadcast to Europe

  1. F. Boerner

    MAN! Just missed it by hours. Do not do much on the computer due to only vista xp pro because of telemetry at work. I am transmitter supervisor for a T.V. station. It is such a shame. I have been a swl. from age 8. Lost about 10 yrs. due to the wife not being into shortwave. Now I’m back in, and about the only thing I found worth a darn were the Rockpile and the Mighty K.B.C. Seems like everything else is trying to save my soul or sell snake oil to me. For the few times I was able to catch the Rockpile, I loved it. That is shortwave radio like it should be. I know it is hard to find sponsors and also, a LOT of folks that listen do not take the time to write and let you know how many people are really listening. Good luck and I hope to find you on the bands again sometime soon. I will be scanning the bands for ya!

  2. Raoul

    Hello fellow shortwave and music fans. I am very excited to be broadcasting via PCJ International, a one-hour music special on November 28th. It’s called “Rockin’ with Raoul,” and it will feature some very rare rock tracks that you have probably never heard before. If you ever listened to The Rockpile on Global 24, and liked it, you will love this special program. Plus we have special QSL cards for all these PCJ specials.
    Thanks to Keith Perron and to everyone committed to keeping shortwave fun.



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