PCJ special broadcasts to Europe and SE Asia

UPDATE: Frequency has changed.  Please read this update.

(Source: PCJ Media Press Release)

pcjOctober 29, 2015

Beginning November 14th, 2015. PCJ Radio International will offer a series of special broadcasts before the end of the year for listeners in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Time: 0900 to 1000 UTC
Frequency: 17825khz

November 14th – Say It With Music
November 21st – Call it Ukraine
November 28th – Rockin’ with Raoul
December 5th – Classics with David Monson
December 12th – Special Jazz For The Asking
December 19th – European radio during WW2 (documentary)
December 26th – Special listeners programs

Each of these special transmissions will have a special E-QSL.

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7 thoughts on “PCJ special broadcasts to Europe and SE Asia

  1. Tom

    I’m looking forward already to the listening on the specified frequency.
    I’m about 3 radio: GS 800, Sangen 909X, Tescun PL-880, I hope I’ll be successful!?!? and of course I wish you all the best Dxmen?m income.


  2. Raoul

    Hello everyone. Fellow shortwave fans, I think I have a very special program cooked up for you broadcasting on November 28th.

    If you ever listened to the Rockpile on Global 24, then you will enjoy this program even more. You’re going to hear some very rare tracks. Please let me know what you think of the program and send in your QSL card!



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