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Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul Walker, who writes:

I think you and your readers might enjoy these videos.

I’ve upgraded from a Tecsun PL880 and Sangean ATS909X to a JRC NRD535D. I live in Camden, Arkansas which is in southern Arkansas, 75 minutes east of Texas and 75 minutes north of Shreveport, Louisiana

When DX’ing on shortwave, I often record a short video with my iPhone 6plus held up close to the radio so you can see the frequency and signal level meter.

I record videos anywhere between 20 seconds and 5 minutes depending on what I feel like at he moment and what I will be using the video for. Sometimes I record a shorter video to post on Facebook then record longer audio via an MP3 recorder in my phone to use in a reception report.

Sometimes I record long 3-5 minute videos and send those to the station instead.

I don’t record everything I hear but what I feel is a worthwhile catch or is interesting. My videos can be seen here:

Thanks for sharing a link to your videos, Paul! You’ve got some good catches in your library. That JRC NRD535D is a great receiver, too–noise floor seems quite low!

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3 thoughts on “Paul’s SWLing videos

  1. William Pietschman (W8LV)

    I have wondered when folks would start using their phones to QSL a video like that… PROOF POSITIVE timed stamped confirmation, and no ambiguity in signal reporting… also, Gear/Antenna/Local Conditions.

    If they are too large a video to send via E-Mail, you could just up them to you your YouTube account, and include that link in any correspondence, Electronic or otherwise!

    73 DE BILL

    “You Meet the Nicest People in the Radio Community.”

    Best Regards from Amateur
    Radio Station W8LV
    Station Info:

    1. Original Paul B Walker Jr.

      Bill, I’ve been doing this from day one when I started Shortwave DXing… its been real handy for me and i guarentee you it’s what has my QSL return rate so high… every single reception report i send in include at least some audio, sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 5-10 minutes or more.

  2. Paul walker

    I’m glad you like them, Thomas… I hope your readers do too. I like sharing my catches with others.

    I hear some stations like RRI or CRI on multiple frequencies every day so those are some of the things I don’t record everything from.

    I’ve Already had a few comments on my YouTube videos posted on their respective pages.

    I’m several weeks behind on submitting reception reports lol


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