Dave notes that the Icom IC-7200 is being discontinued

Icom-IC7200Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor Dave Zantow, who notes that the Icom IC-7200 general coverage transceiver is being discontinued.

Dave notes the following on his website:

Icom IC-7200 “Last Call” : It appears that the Icom IC-7200 DSP HF Transceiver is discontinued (or near of being discontinued) and dealers are now selling the last production samples. Information as via the Gigaparts (US Icom dealer) web site. If you always wanted a brand new Icom IC-7200 model , better grab it while you still can. Yes…here we go again, but the model is on the way out for sure this time. […]

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Readers may recall that I listed the IC-7200 as a transceiver with a very good general coverage receiver.  Check out my article, The best general coverage transceivers for shortwave listening.


Though I don’t own an IC-7200, I’m a little sad to see that it’ll no longer be produced. I’ve used one on the air before and thought it packed a lot of performance for the price. I think it’s an ideal ham radio club transceiver as it’s easy to use and has virtually no learning curve (for those who are familiar with transceivers)–a very good choice as a field day rig.

Universal Radio still has the IC-7200 in stock priced at $890 US. Gigaparts also has the IC-7200 priced at $895. That’s a good deal for a 100 watt, full-featured HF transceiver.

Thanks for the tip, Dave!

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13 thoughts on “Dave notes that the Icom IC-7200 is being discontinued

  1. Jason

    Love the IC-7200 – great rig with great looks and features. I’ve painted on of mine Olive Green and purchased a Digital Camo version. Really a nice solid HF rig…

  2. Ross

    In total agreement with the last two poster! The IC 7200 is a remarkable transceiver/receiver, It has very good IF DSP, very sensitive and selective with twin passband control , ex NB and very solid no-nonsense construction, great for field trips, very well protected by buffers at rear and if fitted with option MB116? handles at front can be dropped on its face without damage. As an amateur I find the transmit runs very cool into a reasonant antenna and pricewise is a hard act to beat .Also in Australia comes with UT-106 voice synthesizer for the blind or those with vision difficulties.
    This will become one of Icoms iconic sought after radios in line with the R71a, the Ic 751A 761,765 still sought after in years to come.
    There is no other radio quite like it in concept ie ruggedness and performance!

  3. Jim Davis

    I bought the rig primarily because it looked COOL & secondly the rx was second to none for THE PRICE!!!


  4. Mark, 2E0ECN

    I bought the IC-7200 on the strength of Thomas’s general coverage transceiver review. I’ve found it excellent for shortwave listening, and really appreciate the upfront controls such as PBT and the effective noise reduction. The IC-7300 looks interesting, but I will miss the rugged form factor of the IC-7200 – with front handles attached, it’s easy to put in a back pack to sit on those solid heat sink fins and case extensions – no worries about the rear ports getting damaged.

  5. Jim

    I have owned an IC-7200 for a couple of years and found it to be excellent for medium wave and long wave dxing also. Currently at $799 from DX Engineering, it is really worth considering if you want a great receiver.

  6. DL4NO

    Eight years after its presentation it is surely time to stop production: Simply try to find production quantities of computer parts that were introduced only three years ago…

      1. DL4NO

        Earlier or later the manufacturer will first stamp “Not for new designs” on the data sheets. Then comes the “last orders” note.

        Icom could stock parts but this is expensive. And new technology might create completely new paths to go.

  7. Ken Hansen n2vip

    HRO has it for $799.

    The reality is the forthcoming IC-7300 will likely be priced very closely to the IC-7200, which had a retail price of $1300.


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