London Shortwave says farewell to Radio Belarus

london shortwave belarus

SWLing Post contributor, London Shortwave, hit his local park today with his Tecsun PL-680 and Zoom H1 in tow, then recorded the final broadcasts of Radio Belarus. He has published a post on his blog with details and two recordings of Radio Belarus.

Click here to read his post.

Many thanks to London Shortwave for also going out of his way to post both recordings on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive! If you have a recording of Radio Belarus, we can add it as well.

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6 thoughts on “London Shortwave says farewell to Radio Belarus

    1. Chad KJ4VYI

      same thoughts as well!!

      looks like a sony ICD-PX333 tis a good small recorder was looking at this one for my ham radio contacts but ended up winning a Sony PCM-M10 lots o features and i like the pre-record function in case i forget to press the record button at the right time

      1. London Shortwave

        Yes, it’s the Sony ICD-PX333 in the photo, but I have a Zoom H1N too, which I had used earlier that day to record the Voice of Turkey, hence the confusion!

        The Sony’s ergonomics are great, no bits sticking out so it’s easier to throw in and out of packed bags in the field without worrying about breaking it. However, it can only run off batteries, whereas the H1N can run indefinitely off USB power. The Sony can only record in MP3; H1N can record WAVs which is essential if you want to use the recordings to decode any kind of HF data signals. Win some, lose some.


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