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John’s QSL package from Radio Belarus


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who writes:

I received this nice QSL package in the mail today from Radio Belarus. Since they went off the air 1 April, this might be one of the last batch of QSLs they sent out.


The confirmation letter I found interesting. The postmark on the letter was 25 03 16. It’s a shame they’re not on anymore as they were audible here on the east coast as evidenced by the confirmation.


I wonder what they’ll do with the souvenirs they were getting in April. Hopefully any new reports they get for the last broadcast will have a nice selection if they’re still answering.

Thanks for taking the time to share this, John! You have, indeed, probably received the last batch of QSLs Radio Belarus will issue.

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London Shortwave says farewell to Radio Belarus

london shortwave belarus

SWLing Post contributor, London Shortwave, hit his local park today with his Tecsun PL-680 and Zoom H1 in tow, then recorded the final broadcasts of Radio Belarus. He has published a post on his blog with details and two recordings of Radio Belarus.

Click here to read his post.

Many thanks to London Shortwave for also going out of his way to post both recordings on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive! If you have a recording of Radio Belarus, we can add it as well.

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Recording the final broadcast of Radio Belarus?

CommRadio-CR-1-Zoom-H2N-BBC-AntarcticaRegarding our previous post about Radio Belarus closing down, SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, reminds me that we should try to add a recording of the final broadcast to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

If you can manage to capture the final broadcast (or any of the Belarus broadcasts between now and then), please consider submitting the recordings to the archive.

Many thanks!

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Radio Belarus to shut down shortwave, mediumwave and longwave?


Many thanks to several SWLing Post readers who have shared this news from the Radio Belarus website.

Since I rely on a machine translation of the news page via Google Translate, I’m not totally clear about the details, but it appears Radio Belarus is shutting down their longwave, mediumwave and shortwave broadcasts on April 1, 2016.

Any SWLing Post readers out there who can read and translate the details on this page? If so, please comment and I’ll post the translation here!  Thanks!

UPDATE: SWLing Post contributor, Igor, comments with the following translation which was also confirmed by Ed:

Due to the fact that National Government Broadcasting Company of Belarus Republic refused services of the Belarus Radio and TV Transmitting Center, since April, 01 transmission of radio programs of “1 National Channel of Belarus Radio” and “Radiostation Belarus” on LW, MW and SW bands will stop:

– by transmitting center in Kolodishci:
– “1 National Channel of Belarus Radio” on 7255 KHz, 250 KW
– “Radiostation Belarus” on 11930 KHz, 250 KW
– “Radiostation Belarus” on 11730 KHz, 150 KW
– “1 National Channel of Belarus Radio” on 6080 KHz, 150 KW
– by Osipovich transmitting center in Sosnovy:
– “1 National Channel of Belarus Radio” on 279 KHz, 500 KW
– “Radiostation Belarus” on 1170 KHz, 800 KW

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