John’s QSL package from Radio Belarus


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, John Cooper, who writes:

I received this nice QSL package in the mail today from Radio Belarus. Since they went off the air 1 April, this might be one of the last batch of QSLs they sent out.


The confirmation letter I found interesting. The postmark on the letter was 25 03 16. It’s a shame they’re not on anymore as they were audible here on the east coast as evidenced by the confirmation.


I wonder what they’ll do with the souvenirs they were getting in April. Hopefully any new reports they get for the last broadcast will have a nice selection if they’re still answering.

Thanks for taking the time to share this, John! You have, indeed, probably received the last batch of QSLs Radio Belarus will issue.

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3 thoughts on “John’s QSL package from Radio Belarus

  1. Richard Cuff

    The English Service is still active via webcast; it will be interesting to see if enough folks listen that way to make it worthwhile for them. Webcast listeners are much easier to “count” than shortwave listeners, so they can get “real” numbers, which are likely lower than they were guesstimating from listener correspondence.

  2. Dan Robinson

    Hoping to receive the same in the mail — they emailed a QSL to me and asked for my mailing address…

  3. Jonathan Marks

    checking their website there are still daily broadcasts being posted. (bottom right-hand corner). Contentwise it reminds me of Radio Tirana. Except they sound more friendly. The opening to the broadcast (marked as Part One) is classic former Soviet Union. A day in the life of President Alexander Lukashenko.


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