Avion AV-DR-1401V firmware v1.2 now available for download


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Harald Kuhl, who notes that a new firmware update for the Avion AV-DR-1401 DRM receiver is now available for download via the following link:


3 thoughts on “Avion AV-DR-1401V firmware v1.2 now available for download

    1. DL4NO

      I looked at the preamp of the telescopic antenna. As far as I understand the schematics it is clear why the internal antennas work so badly.

  1. DL4NO

    The update corrects at least one problem: The display update problems I reported have disappeared. But what else?

    BTW: You should not do the update while you urgently need the radio. After the upload you mit “activate the license”. The response needed two days and two mails. ‘care@avionelectronics.in’ seems to work.


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