eBay: Dan spots a rare Drake RR3/R4245


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Dan Robinson, who writes:

Almost never seen on Ebay, the Drake RR3, otherwise known  as the R4245, which is also essentially a Drake R7/A inside a marine style case.

This one has some condition issues, so anyone considering it should ask some thorough questions…

Click here to view on eBay.

Wow–I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Drake RR3/R4245 before. It would certainly be a unique Drake piece to have in the shack.

As Dan mentions, the seller does not offer returns, so you would want to thoroughly research the condition prior to bidding.

3 thoughts on “eBay: Dan spots a rare Drake RR3/R4245

  1. David Freeborough

    The Drake R4245 shares a mother board with the R7, but the permeability tuned oscillator is replaced by a synthesised local oscillator based on the Drake external VFO. This tunes in 10Hz steps with 100Hz display resoluton, making it fully synthesised and much more stable than the R7.

  2. John Figliozzi

    Dan is a veritable radio bloodhound! Glad to see he’s enjoying his much deserved retirement.

  3. Frank Holden

    I once owned one of those… it had a sub 1000 serial # ( in the low hundreds as I recall) and came from a ship built in Romania in the early 1980s for Norwegian owners. Was in the discard bin with the rest of the radio room kit when GMDSS was introduced in the mid 90’s.
    I wish now I had the rest of the radio room gear which probably went to landfill…. although I did get the morse key… an ‘a/s Elektrisk Bureau Oslo’ one which I have before me as I write this.
    It was the reserve receiver… the primary was a Skanti.

    I sold my RR3 maybe 10 years ago on Ebay for about $1000 Australian.

    That ship went to the breakers a few years ago but I saw a sister ship here in Pto Montt a few days ago… I wonder???

    She may be worth a visit on her next call?


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