Listening to The Link via Shortwave Service?


As we mentioned in a post last month, Radio Canada International’s program “The Link” is now being broadcast via Shortwave Service in Germany.

If you’ve been listening to The Link via shortwave, SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, encourages you to send RCI a short listener report.

You can either send a brief e-mail to Mark Montgomery via [email protected] or use the contact form at

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3 thoughts on “Listening to The Link via Shortwave Service?

  1. Richard Langley

    “The Link” or, more properly, “The Link Online”–it’s current name–is still being carried by Shortwave Service. They even announce this during the show, at least they did for the 20 November 2016 show, which I recently listened to via podcast. They also announced they are on the DAB+ station World Radio Paris, a 24-hour English language station carrying several international broadcasters as well as their own programming. Something to check out next time you’re in Paris. 😉

  2. Luke Perry

    Yeah I miss RCI on shortwave. I remember I started one of those online petitions before they closed up shop and even got a couple of the RCI employees to sign it if I remember correctly. I think this blog also had a petition also which probably pulled a bit more weight but I guess it was all for naught.

    I can still get CBC on 6160 at my Portland location but the signal doesn’t seem to get down here as good as it used to. I can also pickup a few of their AM stations at night from Vancouver and Alberta.


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