Hammarlund HQ series: A digital display modification

HQ-DisplayMany thanks to SWLing Post reader, Jeff (KB7AIL), who shares the following:

Saw the article on the DC meter in a Hammerlund HQ180.

Another mod I have seen is replacing the meter with a digital display.


It integrates with the HQ180 nicely.

They also have digi-displays in cases or use with other receivers/transceivers.

Very cool, Jeff. While I know a digital display might kill the vintage look for some enthusiasts, I have to admire such a useful modification to replace a broken Hammarlund clock/meter.

As Jeff mentions, Electronic Specialty Products has a number of external digital display boxes as well. Check out their full line of products on the ESP website.

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4 thoughts on “Hammarlund HQ series: A digital display modification

  1. DanH

    Great idea. I like the repro H-meter logo. I was running a Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21 last evening (with a 10′ Jensen speaker). My SP has the optional Hammarlund XC-100, a 100 kHz crystal calibrator made from 1956-196? that could also be installed on the HQ series receivers. It’s a very nice tuning aid.


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