Photo tour of the 2016 Dayton Hamvention Flea Market

Weather yesterday morning at the Dayton Hamvention was quite pleasant–cool and partly cloudy (the rain moved in by afternoon).

As I walked around the Hamvention Flea Market yesterday, I snapped a few photos. Here they are, in no particular order: DSC_4319 DSC_4322 DSC_4325 DSC_4324 DSC_4328 DSC_4331 DSC_4330IMG_20160520_075126938_HDR IMG_20160520_075121124_HDR IMG_20160520_074332811_HDR IMG_20160520_075341759 IMG_20160520_075329979 IMG_20160520_075159494_HDR IMG_20160520_075155113 IMG_20160520_075152645 IMG_20160520_075710997_HDR IMG_20160520_075615952 IMG_20160520_075612972 IMG_20160520_075421198 IMG_20160520_075409581 IMG_20160520_080045692_HDR IMG_20160520_075918036 IMG_20160520_075833970_HDR IMG_20160520_075805524_HDR IMG_20160520_075714430_HDR IMG_20160520_080615604 IMG_20160520_080608484_HDR IMG_20160520_080049374_HDR IMG_20160520_081227401 IMG_20160520_080858804 IMG_20160520_080756463_HDR IMG_20160520_081605030 IMG_20160520_081446494 IMG_20160520_081433518 IMG_20160520_081429333 IMG_20160520_081243730 IMG_20160520_081958207_HDR IMG_20160520_081954219 IMG_20160520_081712679 IMG_20160520_081707464_HDR IMG_20160520_081638710 IMG_20160520_082353651 IMG_20160520_082133630 IMG_20160520_082523096 IMG_20160520_082515865 IMG_20160520_082401932 IMG_20160520_082621244 IMG_20160520_082616116 IMG_20160520_082608481 IMG_20160520_082549817 IMG_20160520_082532180 IMG_20160520_082527070 IMG_20160520_083008664 IMG_20160520_082915263 IMG_20160520_082822600_HDR IMG_20160520_082753149 IMG_20160520_082638684 IMG_20160520_083114407_TOP IMG_20160520_083109994 IMG_20160520_083050444 IMG_20160520_083012704_TOP IMG_20160520_084820717 IMG_20160520_084814420 IMG_20160520_084434979_TOP IMG_20160520_084432287_HDR IMG_20160520_083441054 IMG_20160520_084916091 IMG_20160520_084837231_HDR IMG_20160520_084834039_HDR IMG_20160520_084829641_HDR IMG_20160520_084827204 IMG_20160520_084936474_HDR IMG_20160520_084933213_TOP IMG_20160520_084921682 IMG_20160520_091641178_HDR IMG_20160520_091307701 IMG_20160520_090914965_HDR IMG_20160520_091812984 IMG_20160520_091806073 IMG_20160520_091740687 IMG_20160520_091645628_HDR IMG_20160520_111743184 IMG_20160520_092821734_HDR IMG_20160520_091830009 IMG_20160520_111758227 IMG_20160520_111753608 IMG_20160520_162656634_HDR

The fellow who owns the military radio truck mobile unit (above) allowed me to take a few photos inside:IMG_20160520_162600670IMG_20160520_162545778IMG_20160520_162534748IMG_20160520_162631741IMG_20160520_162615428 IMG_20160520_162611742 IMG_20160520_162608672

I hope to post some photos of the inside exhibits tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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19 thoughts on “Photo tour of the 2016 Dayton Hamvention Flea Market

  1. Josepy Caberlin ve1ej (ve3abg) 1957/2014

    great p;hotos again……callsigns on tables would surely increase sales potential
    thanks for the photos …..great work

  2. Bob LaRose W6ACU

    Really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    Especially liked the pictures of the Transoceanics and glad I was able to see some of the prices!

    I’ve only been there once…..maybe next year?

  3. Dave H.

    My first trip to Dayton was in 1974 at age 19. I was attending DeVry in Columbus at the time so I went both days. After noon on Sunday a curious thing happened…people started giving me stuff they couldn’t sell. I filled up the back of the pickup truck I had and it was a feeding frenzy in the apartment complex parking lot!

  4. Keith Perron

    Some interesting pictures. But lots of price gouging. Mind you good on them. If HAMS are willing to pay some of those prices for lots of old junk. Then I suppose it’s a good business move.

  5. Paul A. Alpiser

    Awesome pics. I remember going to Dayton years ago, with some friends. It was definitely a good time. Found lots of things for projects, which I couldn’t find anywhere else, and some were even reasonably priced! If I can ever get the garage & basement cleaned-out, my wife might let me go again. Albeit, this time with the whole family. Should be interesting with a 4 & 5 year-old! 😉 Thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. Tim Marecki

    It would be nice if Florida had a flea market like this? Does anyone know if one even exists in the state?

  7. Mario Filippi

    Certainly lots to choose from, great seeing those older rigs, like a walk down memory lane. Thanks for the great snapshots Thomas.

  8. Cap

    I love the Zenith Transoceanic Clipper that has the listening time next to the band buttons – MORNING – AFTERNOON – EVENING – ALL DAY etc.

  9. TomL

    Good pics. Rained all morning saturday and tarps on tables. But in the afternoon was able to buy from the nice owner of a Dentron Super Super Tuner who used it for a number of years and then upgraded gear and never used it again. Savings of tuner (compared to eBay) paid for the cost of my trip! I hope to use it for continued experiments with a couple of receive-only antennas.

    Not only about buying gear, sat in on a mini-talks in the VHF/UHF/microwave session, some very smart people who are involved in the HAM stuff!

    Talked to the Bonito Germany rep from Hanover (forgot his name) and their price list now has the two receive SDR’s on special at the convention. He also said the IF design allows for much better audio fidelity than typical SDR’s which he appreciates because of his father’s background in setting up Berlin Symphony Orchestra’s audio equipment and tuning.

    But I did buy the next to last EF-SWL antenna from LMR on sale. 🙂

    So tempting to spennd spennd spennd…….

  10. Yawn

    Looking at live streams, pictures and still don’t know what the hype is all about this convention. I could go through the external and external tables faster than what it would take to drive there.

    I haven’t read anything new available now from any of the big manufacturers and the second day is coming to an end…a big disappointment.

    The trash tables are what you’d pretty much find anywhere else. This only shows there’s a LOT of pack rats in one location that just don’t want to get rid of their junk unless they get some kind of coin in return.

    1. Michael Black

      It’s big. It’s not local, or even regional, people attend from everywhere.

      At your local hamfest, maybe you’ll find interesting things, it really depends on what the locals have. I once saw a Galaxy R-530 at a local hamfest, I was surprised how big it was. But until that one goes back on the local market, I suspect we won’t see another one locally (and that assumes that it will be sold locally at some point, when it might be sold elsewhere).

      I got to the Rochester hamfest a few times in the seventies, another destination hamfest, at least at the time. Lots of things not seen locally, especially the small dealer types selling parts. One of those times I ended up with a few Collins PTOs for cheap, not likely to see those locally.

      At the very least, it will take a long time for some things to appear at a local hamfest, if ever. A regional, or Dayton is going to offer up a lot more a lot faster.

      Yes, a “dangerous” place, since suddenly so much is available, and it’s buy then or lose out. I can see overspending if I ever made it there.


  11. DanH

    Great photos, Thomas! Included are photos of the first model Zenith Trans-Oceanic multiband MW-SW portable. The story goes that the prewar speaker grill featured the sailboat motif which was changed to the B-17 bomber after the US entered the war.

  12. DanH

    I attended the annual swap meet hosted by the local ham club last weekend. I was looking for tube era parts and a variac. Prices seemed very similar to what I see every day on eBay. eBay has played a big role in setting prices for vintage gear at a national level. All of my tube gear was purchased in the early 1980’s when sellers were unloading it at truly flea market prices. I still have eleven NOS 3TF7 ballast tubes (for the R-390A) I found at a swap meet for $1 apiece.

    The former Sacramento Army Depot was not far from where I live. It was finally closed in the early 1990’s. One of base functions was maintenance of communications gear. Needless to say, a local military surplus store featured some great deals on government surplus electronics. That’s where I bought my lightly-used late production SP-600 for $50, bargained down from $70.

  13. Ken Carr

    Awesome photo gallery of the flea market area. This is where I spend most of my time at any hamfest.
    Some of those prices looked a bit optomistic. Although I would love to attend I have no desire to travel that far. I’ll stick to New England and enjoy Ohio by reading your excellent posts. Thanks for taking the time to record the event.

  14. Kris Partridge


    I’m off to the Dunstable Downs radio club annual boot sale tomorrow, Sunday, 22.May

    Don’t think it will be as grand as Dayton, but I might take some photos for your viewing.

    Some of the radios you show I’ve owned, some I’ve operated and some I still own.

    Best regards from the UK. We keeping our figures-crossed about the weather..!

    73 de G8AUU & SO6AUU/9

      1. Kris Partridge

        Hi, Thomas ..!

        You requested some pictures of the DDRC boot sale from last weekend. I’m having a hard job sending. The email address of had a part & trying to load pix on this Reply box doesn’t seem to work.

        So your assistance requested

        73 de Kris


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