Ron’s Bluetooth solution for robust shortwave radio audio


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ron Wagner, who writes:

Thanks very much for your informative SWL pages. With the, seemingly, shortsighted, contracting world of SW broadcasters, you keep our interest alive!

Recently, you called attention to Jay Allen’s modification and installment of a new speaker for the Satellit 800. Not quite ready to open up my 800, even with a scratchy volume pot, I setout to find another way, not only for the 800, but for all of those older radios that “SWLers” love.


Walla, a Bluetooth TX/RX device (by JETech Designs) which connects to the headphone or external speaker jack of the radios. Then, with a Bluetooth speaker, put the TX/RX device on TX and pair with the speaker, and your off to an audio improvement in all of your radios.



Attached, see the TX/RX with my 800, G3 and ICF 7600 and my outdoor Bluetooth speaker. With today’s Bluetooth speakers, you can spend to suit your budget and ears. Now, I’m on my way to find Bluetooth headphones to pair with the Bluetooth transmitter.

What a simple and relatively affordable idea, Ron. I had been considering the purchase of a Bluetooth receiver for the AUX in port in my minivan’s audio system. If I understand correctly, this one unit can both send and receive Bluetooth audio.  Very cool!

I could also imagine someone placing their shortwave portable outside–on a patio or deck–away from indoor radio interference, and using the Bluetooth link to port audio to a speaker inside the house. You wouldn’t have tuning control (and you’d have to remember to bring the radio inside if rain is in the forecast–!), but you would have audio control.

Looks like this JETech receiver/transmitter is available on Amazon or directly from JETech. Thanks again for the tip, Ron!

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9 thoughts on “Ron’s Bluetooth solution for robust shortwave radio audio

  1. Mario

    Great idea!

    You could also use one of those wireless FM transmitters like this one:

    It gives you the option to play through wireless FM radio headset or another FM radio. I use the little “TuneIn” model gotten from Walmart (they’re cheaper than the posted price of $19.99) and have it connected to one of those parabolic microphones to listen to birds and other sounds of nature while inside the car or house using a simple FM radio or SDR-dongle:

    These little wireless transmitters have lots of uses around the home.

    Great post! Thanks!

  2. Tom Servo

    I’m surprised these cheap little Bluetooth transmitters don’t messy-up the SW spectrum like everything else electronic these days. I could never (direct) connect my TDK Bluetooth speaker to my radio without extra noise, and I never thought of buying one of these little transmitters but it seems like a great idea.

    I’d be worried about the longevity of the device; I had a Bluetooth receiver that I bought for peanuts at Wally-Mart years ago and it lasted all of about a month. Bought a different one off Amazon, same deal, about a month. If this transmitter is better built, it might be worth investing a $20 spot on it.

    My DX-398 has a busted speaker, so any external audio is necessary for operation. I’ll keep this concept in mind for that if I ever start using that radio again.

    1. Paul Walker

      Zach, they do for me.. I have a bluetooth speaker I bought to use with my Tecsun PL880.. and I can’t.. it makes SW unuseable.

  3. Edward

    Good thinking the audio systems of most new shortwave radios is an afterthought, but I wonder if the speaker maker has a color option other than ugly orange?


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