Walt’s decoded image from “The Classics Experience”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Walter Salmaniw, who comments:

ClasssicsExperienceI reviewed Paul’s excellent program this morning and worked on decoding the image broadcast during his 2nd hour.

Unfortunately the slant was all wrong! But gradually, working the slant on the Fldigi resulted in a nice image of his dog [see image on right], using about -6250 (Configure > Soundcard > Settings >RX Corrections.

Thanks for a great program, Paul!

Thanks for sharing the image, Walter!

Paul, I think it’s brilliant that you included your beagle in the show! Thanks for putting the great tunes and content on the air!

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3 thoughts on “Walt’s decoded image from “The Classics Experience”

  1. Paul Walker

    And this right here is why I do the show… I want people to enjoy the music as much as I do. I will continue doing occasional shows on shortwave as long as my finances allow me to!

    1. Walt

      Paul, as SW ebbs away, it’s nice to look forward to a special program, so please continue, Paul. You might try other SW broadcasters to allow DXers some fun with various broadcasters.


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