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Chile is one of the most seismically-active countries in the world. The ONEMI (Oficina Nacional de Emergencia del Ministerio del Interior)–Chile’s emergency management office–recently added a a new tool to Earthquake kits Chilean families keep at hand.

It’s a foldable, flat-packed, solar-powered cardboard FM radio called the ONEMI Radio. It has a very simple design and interface: a volume control and tuning button that auto-tunes local FM stations.

It’s a cheap, portable and efficient solution that can enable Chilean emergency management to communicate advice during state of emergencies. Clever!

Check out the following video:

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7 thoughts on “The ONEMI Radio

  1. Cap

    The Chilean government should be applauded for the radio design as it is very well thought out. The only caveat I can see is with the emergency kit, although a noble idea, I think in more deprived areas, you would see people instantly use the items or sell them for food if deployed prior to a potential earthquake (unless held at a community point for distribution after a quake).

    Great work though Chile, I applaud you!

  2. Christopher Brennen

    Brilliant. Simple, low cost, easy to use, easy to transport and no doubt will be a vital help in times of emergency (providing of course that the stations can stay on the air).

  3. Sanjay Sutradhar

    Interesting but through your blog I appeal to world wide fraternity of DXERS to be vigilant on the all the band’s and any kind of suspicious broadcast whether on HAM band’s shortwave Police weather channels be reported in groups and none where else no stays updates on #FACEBOOK OR GOOGLEPLUS or any social media to be done
    As far as I understand all groups of communications and dealing with such things will straight go to the responsible authorities world wide
    As such we will need to be scanning band’s of all kind on whatever receivers are at disposal
    Please take this responsibility very seriously at the call of times beckons us
    Thank you
    Sanjay Sutradhar

  4. Jeffrey Numanday

    Excellent example how technology can really benefit the people!

    Is this product designed by the Chilean government or some non governmental organisations?

    Maybe when companies are allowed to put some advertisement on that radio, they will take care of the cost, but not sure if more influence of companies is desired of course.

  5. Tom Stiles

    This is really interesting to see a government really do something for their citizens. I would love to get one of these radios to show my YouTube viewers. Thanks for sharing.

    Another Thomas


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