eBay sighting: Eton E1


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris Freitas, who writes:

I came across this find on eBay. I was tempted to buy one myself, but I am content with the PL-680 I have right now. However, some SWLing Post readers may want to check it out:

Click here to view on eBay.

Thanks for the tip, Chris! It appears this seller has a long and very positive history–certainly a plus on eBay!

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3 thoughts on “eBay sighting: Eton E1

  1. Marty

    There are generally a couple of these on ebay at any given time. They generally have a buy it now price around $400 and if they go for auction they will go for that or more. Would love to have one of these but don’t really want to pay that much without being able to check it out in person.


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