eBay: One seller lists collection of over 400 portable radios


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Max Youle, who writes:

Spotted this today, 463 vintage radios from one seller.
Makes your mouth water!

Click here to view on eBay.

Wow–that is a serious collection! Each item contains few details, but the seller has a good rating and appears to ship worldwide from the Netherlands. There are a few good Sony and Panasonic models in that lot, too! Not everything is “rare” as the descriptions imply, but some are pretty unique and all seem to be in good condition.

Thanks for the tip, Max!

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5 thoughts on “eBay: One seller lists collection of over 400 portable radios

  1. Ken

    I think the seller calls them “RADIO COLLECTOR ITEM” to make them easy to spot/put them in common searches. As you noted, they are not all “rare”, but many, many, interesting items.

  2. DL4NO

    Most likely the seller hardly knows what he is selling: Which collector would sell his or her collection this way – if ever? Only over his corpse! That might be what is happening.


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