eBay find: Zenith Transoceanic in an Unopened Box


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Robert Gulley, who shares this link to an eBay auction for a Zenith Transoceanic D7000Y in an unopened box!

Let’s be clear here: this is no “Black Friday” deal. The seller has this gem listed at $5,800 plus shipping! I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Transoceanic listed at this price level.


Of course, as one friend always reminds me: “eBay is there to show you things you’d rarely stumble upon in daily life–you just need a chunk of change to snag it!”

The seller is listing this as-is since he isn’t going to open the box to test the unit. He does claim that if it arrives DOA, he’ll have is repaired free of charge (buyer pays shipping).

Still: $5,800 is hefty sum–several thousand over my threshold! No doubt, a Transoceanic collector will snag this eventually.

Click here to view this listing on eBay.

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10 thoughts on “eBay find: Zenith Transoceanic in an Unopened Box

  1. Joe k0ivk

    I have a D7000Y that I’ve been preparing to sell on QTH.com classifieds,( Never in a million years would I use Ebay) it’s not new in the box but I would call it collector quality, I need to find 3 GE #123 dial light bulbs for it but everything else seems to work. I was considering $200. maybe I should reconsider if that one sells.

  2. Mario

    Speaking of transistors, if memory serves me correctly, the Transoceanic I got as a gift back in ’67 had some plug-in transistors.

    It was AM only but you could buy a BFO module that had to be wired up. To listen to CW or SSB you lifted up the back panel, switched on the BFO and using a plastic alignment tool you adjusted the BFO coil for proper pitch.

  3. Edward

    Does it come with free batteries? Original batteries packaged seperately?
    Now if it was a tube radio that would be a real find! The 90V battery would be stone dead new in its package

    1. Michael Black

      If it was a tube radio, it would be in the original wooden crate.

      People collect the transistor Transoceanics, but I suspect radio collectors in general would consider the tube ones to be more valuable.



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