1940 Pearl Harbor QSL card


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Patalon, who shares the following QSL card via Twitter:

Thank you, Bill!

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4 thoughts on “1940 Pearl Harbor QSL card

  1. DanH

    My Dad was earning his radioman rating at sea at this time. His service as a radioman on TF-8 under Admiral Halsey in late November-early December 1941 would surprise some.

  2. Mario

    Thanks for posting, it’s great to see a QSL card from back then and from that place; a real piece of ham radio history!

    Hawaii would not become one of our states until ’59 so I guess the “TH” might mean Territory of Hawaii?

    1. William Patalon III

      Mario … good call.

      You are correct … TH stands for just what you said.

      I have an SWL QSL from this period that I promised to get to Thomas, too.

      This is just such a great site. Thomas is aces … does such a great job.

      But having folks like you here make it even better.

      Thanks for the comment, Mario!

      Bill Patalon III


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