Dean: An intrepid young DXer!

Dean’s trusty Tecsun PL-660

UPDATE (28 October 2017): We’ve updated links to Dean’s website to reflect his new URL.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from SWLing Post reader, Dean Denton, who lives in Hull, UK. Dean is not your typical contemporary shortwave listener–he’s twelve years old and has been DXing since the age of eight! While, decades ago, that used to be the norm–indeed, I started SWLing at eight–Dean is bucking the trend in 2017.

Dean’s listening post consists of a few receivers:  the Tecsun PL-660, a Tesco RAD 108, a Uniden UBC360CLT and a Hitachi TRK P65E. Dean also spends a great deal of time on the excellent University of Twente WebSDR.

Dean noted in a recent message:

“I typically love a lot of broadcasters, but generally China Radio International, Radio Romania International, BBC, Voice of America plus many more. I like talk and news on shortwave radio as it gives an insight of a typical country’s actions.

I also love music on shortwave due to Amplitude Modulation and its characteristics. Not to mention Pirate Radio, HAM Radio, Numbers Stations and anything else.”

Dean, you’re a kindred spirit indeed–to me, there’s nothing like the sound of music via the “sonic texture” of shortwave radio.

Not only is Dean a radio enthusiast, but he also started a website and is building a library of videos on his YouTube channel. Indeed, most recently, he’s been experimented with Narrow Band TV on his YouTube channel.

While looking through his channel, I found this screencast and recording he made as France Inter shut down their 162 kHz longwave service as 2016 came to a close:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Dean, keep us informed about your DXing adventures and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Post readers: Let’s officially welcome Dean into our community! While you’re at it, check out his website and YouTube channel!

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11 thoughts on “Dean: An intrepid young DXer!

  1. Ian from England

    Dean, so good to hear about you getting into shortwave at such a young age – you’re way ahead of all your friends. Especially good to hear that you use shortwave to listen to content too, because as you say yourself, it lets you find out different countries views, and how their people live. Keep on keepin’ on!!

  2. Ed McCorry

    Way to go Dean! I’m really glad to see young people interested in other things beside their IPads and video games. I started DX’ing when I was 12 and I’m 68 now and still at it. My grandson who is 10 got interested in it also when he was eight and spends more time with the radio now than anything else.

    So keep at it, and above all have fun. You never know where it will lead, I ended up with two great careers because of my interest in radio and electronics. 73 and good DX’ing

  3. Tammie Evans

    Lovely to see a young DX’er 🙂 I’m now 33 but started SWL’ing at aged 7 in 1990 via my Dad introducing me to the hobby. I got my ham ticket when I was 20. Being female makes me one of few who is into SWL’ing and ham radio.

    I’d just become a NASCAR fan (saw the movie Days of Thunder) in 1990 and with the SWL’ing I could listen to AFN out of Germany (I’m in south-east England) for the racing coverage. My love of NASCAR and radio grew hugely after that.

    Now of course I’m lucky to be able to watch NASCAR on TV (Cup races only, the others have to watch online). I still have the SWL bug and I still have the ham ticket but haven’t been very active recently.

  4. Luke Perry

    Good on you Dean. Instead of following the flock you are doing what makes you happy. Just think, when you start tossing abbreviations around like ‘BFO’ and ‘LSB’ your peers will probably think that you are talking about the latest rap group. Just tell them that you can hook them up with the latest sounds…..out of North Korea that is!

  5. Shaun P

    I am warmed in the heart to hear about an enthusiastic young listener of shortwave radio. Regarding the Tecsun PL-660, I was more than happy with its capabilities and its SW sensitivity (and the external antenna jack) when I bought one a year ago and I’m glad Dean finds this model good too.

  6. Ivan NO2CW

    Congratulations! If you want you may get in touch with my son Tommy he is 11 years old and already holds an extra class amateur radio license (N1SPY, see him on ). He likes to spend time hunting for shortwave signals on an ultra cool Kenwood R-2000 that we have. We also hunt for digital utility signals on HF.


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