Klaus’ magnetic loop antenna in “urban camouflage”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Klaus Boecker, who originally posted these images of his homebrew magnetic loop antenna on the Shortwave Radio Station Listening Facebook page.

I love the design of his mag loop which easily allows for a vertical or horizontal orientation.  Kaus has discovered, in certain cases, places the loop in a horizontal position dramatically decreases the noise level.

Having a little fun with what I call “urban camouflage” Klaus recently decorated his antennas to match the neighborhood flower boxes!

I’m sure more than one neighbor may be wondering what sort of creative floral arrangement Klaus has planted! 

Klaus notes that the vertical to the left of the loop is a a 2m / 70cm J-Antenna.

Thank you again, Kalus, for allowing me to share your images here on the SWLing Post.  I imagine your modest home-grown antenna farm works some serious DX on occasion!

Thanks again for sharing!

Readers: Have you camouflaged or decorated your antenna(s)?  Please share your photos!

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12 thoughts on “Klaus’ magnetic loop antenna in “urban camouflage”

  1. Mario

    Klaus you are a genius. Great idea.

    I have no personal examples of hidden antennas, but some cellular antennas in our area have fake evergreen branches added to mimic large pine trees.

  2. DanH

    Aside from the excellent antenna project I love the “urban camouflage” idea. I am a true believer when it comes to making antennas hide in plain sight, even when it comes to wire antennas. I have noticed that cell phone towers in California have benefited from this approach as well. I know of one cell tower on a pasture that is camouflaged to look like a vintage Aermotor windmill.

  3. DD2DR

    no problem Thomas, your welcome. 🙂
    A construction guide about my homebrewed loop is still in progress. I’ll share it on the SWL group on facebook and you can post it on your blog.
    thanks for posting and for the comments.

    DD2DR Klaus

    1. William Patalon III

      Klaus … thanks for sharing that with Thomas … and with all of us. Really a NICE job. Love reading about projects like this. So amazing the thinking, creativity and craftsmanship that goes into a project like this. Very much looking forward to seeing the design. Might be a really cool winter project.

      Happy New Year to you, buddy. May this be a happy, safe and prosperous 2017 for you.


  4. William Patalon III

    Thomas … love this. Have been looking to do a project similar to this. Wonder if Klaus would be willing to talk about performance … and share a design …

    Pass along to him … in addition to a nifty design, it looks like the workmanship is first rate. As the grandson of a Lehigh Valley Railroad machinist (a true product of the Great Depression who could make his own tools) and the son of a engineer and model airplane pro, I have a great appreciation for folks who do things so well.

    As Klaus clearly did here…very cool.

      1. William Patalon III

        Thanks, Thomas.

        Stuff like this is why I come here … it’s like a great “marketplace of ideas.” You cover the gamut … radios, DXing, technology, projects, history, people, trends …

        Not sure how you manage to do it … but sure glad that you do.

        I’m sure I speak for lots of folks in saying how much your efforts are appreciated. Makes it fun for all.

        Happy New Year, my friend…



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