RadioWorld: Radio Pakistan Begins DRM+ Transition

(Source: RadioWorld via Dan Robinson)

The move from AM and FM transmitters to DRM+ technology is currently underway in Pakistan, according to a recent report from Radio Pakistan.

With DRM technology, Radio Pakistan will be able to air three channels from a single transmitter, as well as provide listeners with access to text services.[…]

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4 thoughts on “RadioWorld: Radio Pakistan Begins DRM+ Transition

  1. Desmond Walsh

    Re transition from AM/FM to DRM+ it is not clear what frequency band(s) are to be used ! I thought that the intention was to use DRM on LF , ie medium , long or shortwave and DAB on VHF. Will there be reasonably priced receivers available , preferably with built in solar cell charged batteries .
    I note a lot less DRM transmissions on shortwave now. With a block of 10kHz wide spread it causes a lot of adjacent channel interference and interleaved with existing AM allocations I call DRM a Dreadful Radio Menace !
    Des Walsh, Cork, Ireland

    1. Tom Reitzel


      No, DRM doesn’t cause adjacent channel interference on ANY band. Analog certainly causes interference to DRM broadcasts, though. 😉 Despite the majority of digital (DRM) SW broadcasters continued use of marginal configurations and the departure of state broadcasters, DRM is still in its infancy. Adoption of FM took DECADES. DRM is a great technology and its use on shortwave is just fine with Main Service Channels of 16 QAM.

      Proof: WHRI on 15710 kHz while RNZI broadcasts digital (DRM) on 15720 kHz.

    2. Mangosman

      DRM+ operates from 47 MHz upto 230 MHz including the FM band and the VHF TV bands.
      A channel is 100 kHz wide.

      It is capable of a much higher data rate with a channel being 5 to 10 times wider than in the frequency band below 30 MHz.

      It is capable of surround sound as well as all the other DRM functions such as slideshow, journaline, Emergency Warning System and switching to the best signal for that program such as from DRM+ to DAB+ or FM or AM.


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