WWV Scheduled Broadcast Outage February 21 & 22

(Source: WWV)


Due to an electrical upgrade, Radio Station WWV will be off the air on all frequencies on February 21 and 22, 2017. The outages will occur between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, and will not exceed 8 hours duration each day.

I’m not sure that I’ll be around to do this, but it might be fun trying to record the moment the outage occurs and the moment it recommences.

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3 thoughts on “WWV Scheduled Broadcast Outage February 21 & 22

  1. Michael Black

    CHU here in Canada will keep on ticking, supplying that vital accurate time for those in need. Though with the odd frequencies of 3330 kHz, 7850 kHz, 14670 kHz, less useful for adjusting a frequency standard.

    But with WWV off the air, WWVH should be easier to hear. Though, with the female announcer voice and slightly different “wheel”, I have heard WWVH here in Montreal in the past. The rest lines up so much that there’s no heterodyne or double ticks.


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