Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast via WRMI tonight!

Jess Puglisi of WGXC (Wave Farm) and David Goren at the 2017 Shortwave Shindig live broadcast.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Richard Cuff, for sharing the following details:

Repeat shortwave airing of the Shortwave Shindig on WRMI — Saturday 3/11 0300 UTC, same time as last week; same frequencies (9395 aimed north, 6855 aimed west).

Thanks to David Goren and Jeff White for arranging this!! Will update as on-demand / streaming availability is determined.

David Goren (left) and Richard Cuff (right) during the Shindig live broadcast.

Note that for those of us in North America, the Shindig rebroadcast will take place at 22:00 EST tonight (0300 UTC Saturday) on 9,395 kHz aimed north and 6,855 kHz aimed west from WRMI.

I plan to record the broadcast tonight as propagation was so poor last week, very few listeners could enjoy it.

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12 thoughts on “Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast via WRMI tonight!

  1. Curt Schwarzwalder

    9395 was slightly more audible in Northeast PA than last week, but still very weak and fadey – no where near “armchair copy” and not worth recording. Still not a whif on 6855.

    1. Richard Langley

      Turned out it was not on 6855 kHz anyway. Will be posting my recording of the whole three hours later this weekend.

  2. Thomas Post author

    Yeah–propagation is all but nonexistent tonight. Very similar to last week. Ugh.

    I’m getting copy, but the bulk of the audio is below the noise. I have heard more positive reports from Mass.

    1. Richard Langley

      Not too bad on 9395 kHz, at least initially, here in NB. Am recording and will post later if decent.

  3. Guy Atkins

    Tried again tonight, but heard nothing on either frequency here near Seattle. A posted recording or availability via streaming for the SW Shindig would be great!

  4. Curt Schwarzwalder

    Great! I was barely able to detect the signal on 9395 and heard nothing on 6855 last week here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I will try again tonight. Let’s hope for more favorable conditions.


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