Paul remembers the FLR-9 “Elephant Cage” in Misawa Japan

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul, who writes:

I was a morse intercept operator in the USAF in the late 1960s. I have a nice picture of a FLR-9 at Misawa Japan (now gone I think):

I was at Misawa from 68-70 in the USAF Security Service. I copied high speed code, mostly cut numbers. Got my ham license after discharge. I had 3 R390 receivers at my “position” and numerous different “antennas” on the FLR-9 to listen in different directions. While there I received a commendation for: “Providing information that otherwise would not have been known” I’m not sure I can say any more details.

To me [this photo] shows the immensity of the antenna.

Yes–this antenna is enormous! It must be a site to see up close. I’ve only seen Wullenweber Antennas from satellite imagery. Thank you so much for sharing your photo!

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8 thoughts on “Paul remembers the FLR-9 “Elephant Cage” in Misawa Japan

  1. Randall Carroll

    I grew up in Misawa. Dad was stationed there twice and worked at this location on Security Hill. The last time we were there was 77-82
    Jim Carroll was my dad.

  2. Todd Ewing

    I served as a Navy linguist there from 88-90, then on to FSK.
    Misawa was some of the best times of my life.
    CTI2 T. Ewing

  3. Larry Heiberger

    I also served with USAFSS at three different AN/FLR-9 locations between 1965 thru 1974.
    My AFSC was 304X4, a fixed ground communications technician.
    At all that locations I worked in the main communications building as well the central building (located in the center of the antenna array.

    1. Raymond Gallegos

      I also served at Misawa with the USMC. All four services served there at the time. I loved my job there as an analyst not much else to say .
      Ray Gallegos
      Sgt USMC

  4. Verne Anderson

    I used to go to Chicksands AFB in U.K. In the 80’s. It’s gone now. There is a lot of info with pictures on the web of these antennas.

  5. Harald Kuhl

    These huge antennas are for receiving and direction finding only. We still have one operating here in Germany near the city of Augsburg.


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