eBay Find: Dan’s thoughts on the Galaxy R-530

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who recently spotted a Galaxy R-530 on eBay and notes:

Some observations on this. The R-530, and military version R-1530, were considered fairly top of the line when they were made. They’re still among the rarer radios on the used market, though not the rarest. The R-1530 is not seen often. On performance, these receivers were not on the same level as National HRO-500s, 51Js, and R-390s. This was made by Hy-Gain after all, which was not top of the heap in receiving design. However, the R-530/1530s are great looking pieces. Anyone considering these should make absolutely sure that the PLL circuit functions on all bands. Poor cosmetic condition is a tipoff that the radio had a hard life.

Click here to view on eBay.

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4 thoughts on “eBay Find: Dan’s thoughts on the Galaxy R-530

  1. Rob

    Hello All-
    I happen to own a 1530 if anyone would like some info. What little I’ve used it, I’ve been amazed at the frequency accuracy and general performance. But ultimately find my Drake R8 more useful, if only there was much to listen to. 🙁

  2. Rick Atwood

    The R-1530 is essentially the same design as the R-530 receiver. It is not a militarized version. The number of R-1530 units that were made topped less than 250 units! The SC-1530 speaker were about 50 units. Both units are ultimately rare units. The number of R-530 units were around 700 units, still rare. Most people who buy these units do so for their rarity value, not for the functionality, even though both were great receivers. Literally thousands of HRO 500s and R-390s were made. One would buy one of these units not for their rarity, but functionallity.

    1. Michael Black

      Though oddly, I actually saw one close up. Someone at a local hamfest bought one maybe twenty years ago. I didn’t see it until he’d bought it. From the ad, I’d thought it was relatively small, but it was huge compared to how I imagined it. I wish I knew how it got here, Montreal, or if the original owner had been the seller. But I assume it stayed because it was big, shipping it would mean all that packaging and then the cost of shipping.

      Galaxy brought pit the R-530, so was the model number change mostly because Hy-Gain took over? I’ve red there were minor changes, I suppose changing production allowed them to fix a few things.

      CQ magazine had a review of the receiver, sometime in 1968, I think in the summer. I think QST ran a review too, but I’m not certain.


      1. Rick Atwood


        When I was a kid, I saw both the R-530 units being made in Council Bluffs, Iowa at 3415 West Broadway. I also went to Hygain in Lincoln, Ne to see the R-1530 units being made back in 1973. I believe the R-1530 has a broader coverage range than the R-530. Both units are a good receiver. B?Both units are built well and are heavy units. After Hygain bought out Galaxy Electronics in 1970, all production that Hygain did were limited in production, both with theGT-550A units and the R-1530 units.


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