2017 Hamvention photos: Inside Exhibits

Saturday was another long day at the 2017 Hamvention, but I did have a moment to visit most of the inside exhibit tables. The following photos were taken (in no particular order) in the main Hamvention buildings at the Greene County Fairgrounds. Again, it was especially fun meeting so many SWLing Post readers and contributors in person!

Click on the photos below to view larger images (click here to view photos of the 2017 Hamvention flea market):

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11 thoughts on “2017 Hamvention photos: Inside Exhibits

    1. Rob Wagner

      Agreed! The 817 has been such a popular QRP rig for so many years. They must have sold squillions of them by now! I’m sure there’d be a big market for a serious upgraded version or something new. Yaesu’s R&D and marketing departments puzzle me at times…..

  1. Mike

    The Hamvention was far from a SDRfest 🙂 You had some major players in the SDR industry showing off the latest and greatest TX/RX devices.

    SDRplay-ELAD-Expert Electronics & Airspy

  2. TomL

    Thanks for the pics. Helps me visualize what I am missing. Some new products look interesting, too. Looks cleaner also!

  3. Brett Saylor

    I’d be interested in your take on the state of ham radio equipment from what you saw at the Hamvention… are hams becoming even more receptive to SDR’s than before? Has the momentum shifted to SDR’s vs. traditional transceivers for more people? I love radios like the Icom 7300 and 8600, but they still have one foot firmly in the physical knobs and dials world. It seems like the real innovations are coming from the SDR vendors, not the “big 3.”

    Brett Saylor, W3SWL

  4. Troy Riedel

    I’m interested to know about attendance & the overall thoughts re: the move from Thomas and others who attended …

    1. John Smith

      Yes, I too would be interested in hearing about how things went since this is a new venue!

      Most of what I heard from those that attended (by way of listening to hams on 80m and 40m, said they preferred the layout and set up, also the bathrooms were very clean and well maintained..LOL
      I wonder if any of the 7.200 gang showed up. Wink wink.

  5. John L

    Great shots of the Hamvention stalls. I noticed a lot of SDR receivers on display – I much prefer the old dials and switches but each to his own.

  6. Rick Lewis WPE5BST

    Thank You for the coverage of of Hamvention 2017. Enjoyed the pictures and it was almost like I was there.

    R. Lewis


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