2017 Hamvention photos: Friday Flea Market

We had a rather long day here at the 2017 Hamvention, but we had a fantastic time. It was especially fun meeting so many SWLing Post readers and contributors in person! Thank you for stopping by our booth at 6508.

Below, I’ve posted well over one hundred photos I took at the Hamvention Flea Market this morning. Click on the thumbnail to expand each photo. I’ve tried to include price tags when available! I plan to post inside exhibit photos tomorrow.

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13 thoughts on “2017 Hamvention photos: Friday Flea Market

  1. Guy T. Falsetti

    Hello, first time posting on your site. I went to Dayton this year 2017, had a blast, such a BETTER place than the old, broken down, leaking HARA Arena. And really good food choices now! But, still tons of stuff at the flea area. As before, everybody brings everything and tries to sell it all. For the first time at the new venue, there were a few hiccups, like traffic control which got much better the second day, and the mud. It was more like what you see in the pictures of Woodstock! Mud everywhere! But I’m sure they will get a better handle on that as well for 2018.
    Got me a new IC-7300 from Gigaparts there, so didn’t come away empty handed. Will be back in 2018.
    Guy, KC2PMM

  2. John L

    Wow!. An amazing assortment of gear on offer. Thanks for taking the time to show us what the Hamvention is like.

    I’m in VK land and would one day like to visit Dayton, OH.

  3. Cap

    Would love to get to Dayton, OH one year, this is ‘the’ event to go to in the ham sphere, although would probably need a shipping container to get all the stuff back I would end up buying back to Europe.

  4. Mario

    Lots of oldies but goodies in those photos, for example the RF-2200 and “Frog” 7, thanks Thomas and hope you had a good time.

  5. John Watkins W4AGQ

    Thanks for photos of flea market . We are in Florida and could not find
    any hotel rooms so could not go.I was able to find tent sites at state park but
    wife said not staying in tent. Have been to Dayton many times only go for
    the flea market . This new venue not good for tailgating with the mud and not
    enough room for everyone . We were at Shelby and your photos where right on.
    You had made comments about Grundig satellite 500 and Panasonic rf4900.
    I bought both radios at Shelby and love the 500 but the Panasonic failed 2
    months later and no time to trouble shoot it yet.
    Thanks again

  6. Edward

    Wow what a flea market, Collins and Drake stacked like cord-wood. And radios I never seen before. Radio Heaven.

  7. Stu McLeod

    Great photos – Does any one know what type of speaker drivers feature in Photo 8 . They look like Dan Queens or similar . Cheers Stu

    1. Harry N4HT

      Stu – If we’re looking at the same picture, those appear to be old Zenith “Circle of Sound” system speakers, circa 1970.

  8. Barry (VK4)

    These are simply the best photos of the hamvention I have ever seen!!!
    It also shows just how overpriced used equipment is in VK.

    Keep up the great work.


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